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With unsuccessful ivf cycle when did you see your period?


Please can you share when you saw your period during your unsuccessful ivf circle, before you stopped the medications, before OTD, or after?

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With both of my unsuccessful cycles I didn’t start AF until after OTD, on one cycle they even asked me to carry on taking meds to be sure it was negative and it wasn’t until the day I was going to stop meds that AF arrived x

Ive had both scenarios though generally once I was on the correct dose of progesterone I didnt get AF until a few days after finishing meds.xx

After my OTD, about 4 days later maybe? X

3-4 days after the bfn on otd xx

My OTD was 9dp5dt with a faint positive, AF arrived day 10 even though I was still on progesterone pessaries x

After both BFN my period came within a few days of OTD xx

I was spotting the day before my OTD and on OTD I stopped taking the progesterone pessaries and AF started that day.

I spotted the whole day 7dp5dt (thought it was implantation) and then my period arrived the following day. My OTD was 14dpt so it came a week before I took the test. I still took the test to be sure but it was BFN x

A day or 2 after OTD all 5 times

I stopped my medication Monday after dropping hcg levels. Very painful and heavy period started today. Is there anything I need to do, not do at this time?

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