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Thyroid Levels for IVF


Hi Ladies, just wondering if anyone has any advice regarding thyroid levels. We are due to start our 2nd ICSI cycle this week hopefully and when I got my latest thyroid results just under 2 weeks ago my TSH was 1.07.

I know the clinics like TSH to be below 2 which it is so I was relieved but I’m starting to feel a little over active so it may be even lower now. Does anyone know if it’s a problem with the treatment if it’s too low?

Any advice wecome thanks Xx

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Your levels don't sound too bad, mine were 1.51 at last check and my clinic were happy with that! When I got my print out results back the normal level range was 0.27 - 4.2 mU/L.xx

Thanks Cinderella5 i know for the normal person this would be fine but I wasn’t sure for fertility what the lower end should be. If yours was 1.51 then hopefully I’ll be ok I’ll ring the clinic 2m and let them know my result. Thanks for your help and hope you’re doing ok 😘

The optimum is between 0.5 and 2 and definitely no more than 2.5.

Are you on any medication for thyroid? x

Thanks Kiedy84 yes I’m currently taking 100mg. X

Have you had your antibodies tested for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?xx

Hi Kiedy84 yes my GP tested my antibodies in the last blood test and my TPO was 283.3 which she said was normal. From your experience does that sound ok? X

Hi glad to hear you had TPOAb tested, what about TgAb?

Do you have the ranges for TPO and unit it was measured in? xx

No I don’t my GP just txt me that result and that’s all it said but I have asked for a copy so I need to collect it from my surgery. I didn’t realise there was two different types I did ask her to check me for all antibodies so She might have tested the other one. I’ll have a look when I get a copy of the results. Thanks for your help x

You can alsywas post your results on healthunlocked Thyroid UK too, I am on both groups extremely helpful forum xxx

Thanks I will do, I’m on the Throid Group too but never needed to really use it before but yes will week more advice when I have a full copy of my results, thanks a mill x

Both stims and pregnancy elevate my TSH disproportionately. My first fresh cycle resulted in mc and my TSH had spiked to 6 from 0.4 which may potentially have been a cause (by a week after BFP).

I had a FET cycle (which also resulted in mc but not because of my thyroid) and that didn’t cause so much of a spike because no stims.

My advice is read the book “Your healthy pregnancy with thyroid disease” off amazon and get tested EVERY TWO WEEKS from stims onwards.

The expectation is that you’ll need a dose increase from BFP.

I wouldn’t feel overactive at 1.07 but everybody’s body is different.

Good luck x

Beacon_of_hope in reply to TBB21

Thanks TBB21 I’m so sorry to hear about your two mcs ❤️ thats really interesting to know that the stims affected it your results. at one point last year my TSH was 0.45 and I was feeling really overactive so the GP suggested alternating between 75mg and 100mg then I shot back up to over 6 but I’m not sure if this was also around the time of my last stims so I’ll have to check the dates as it could have been the stims that did it.

We then increased it to bring it back down again and now last result was 1.07 but that was 2 weeks ago and I was wondering if it had dropped further cos yesterday I was feeling a bit overactive. I felt like my heart was racing and I had to take really deep breaths, that’s usually how I have if my TSH goes too low.

It’s good to know that it increases with Stims and pregnancy anyway so probably better for me to go in with a lower TSH so I won’t worry.

Thanks for that advice about the book I’ll order that and I think I’ll get tested again before stims start. Thanks for your help x

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