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So the bleeding was AF and right now i'm more mad than sad


Okay so AF has fully arrived and i cried obvs. But now i'm thinking in a nat. Cycle id have a full 2 weeks from conception until af (sometimes longer). As this bleeding started only 5 days after 5 day grade B blast transfer even if there was a chance for implantation it didnt have time to send out enough hormone to prevent menstration. The menstruation happened way too earlt so the synthetic support they gave me maybe wasn't enough and they therefore wasted my money. (I had flare protocol on gonal f with full 250 dose pen of ovitrelle for trigger and then 8 clicks of another ovitrelle pen for "implantation support" and that was all. Do any of you think i should be blaming the clinic? Right now i'm mad at them so glad my otd appoint is not until Tuesday and wondering if i should be angry at them at the review? Also mad as our windows in house all need replacing and that 7 grand could easily have paid for it and feel like we may as well flushed it down the toilet. Is it normal to feel this mad at the world when this happens?

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I am so sorry you are feeling so upset.

It’s even worse when we are self funding and start thinking about how much money we’ve spent already.

I am not an expert, but I am not sure if the clinic or anything really is to blame at this point.

We all respond differently to the meds and they can try to predict what’s going to happen, but no one really knows for sure until we try.

I would approach them to try to find out what they think it can make your chances better next time.

If you can, don’t be angry or with blaming attitude during your next appointment, but try to learn and get the best medical opinion.

Ask all the questions you may have

All the best for your appointment and future cycles

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Thanks. Sound advice. Otd appoint not til tuesday so im sure i'll have clearer head and anger subsided hopefully by then. Appreciate u taking time to reply.xx

It is annoying and upsetting when you feel like you've been cheated out of a test day....I had that twice, think I started bleeding on day 7 both times. Did you clinic not offer any progesterone support? I still bled with it but after I got given a higher dose that helped me not to bleed, it might be something you want to discuss?xx

Thanks. The protocol they used seemed to suggest/be accompanied by the 8 clicks of ovitrelle as a replacement (im guessing that was what was supposed to be the progesterone) i asked yest b4 they closed for weekend if i could use the rest of the ovitrelle i had and they said they thought it wouldnt do any good at this stage and would mess up my otd with false positive so just be more mental torture. I know you've really been through tough times with the IVF journey so appeciate your empathy and taking time to message. Def know next time to urge clinic to make sure whatever option they take to make sure i have enough drugs to get me through to test day (if im lucky enough again to get enough eggs to get to implantation again). Guess its all a learning curve and at least on here we help arm eachother with knowledge and have great support. Really appreciate you all lending an ear. Having some wine now 😊

Thank you! I'm guessing the clinic have tries to raise your progesterone levels naturally by introducing more hCG with the ovitrelle. I have heard of a few clinic having some this to aid implantation but they usually have progesterone pessaries. I was on Cyclogest 2x400 per day. Defo something to try. Hope you enjoyed that wine!xx

I’m so very sorry that this isn’t your time. Sending big positive thoughts your way. I’m struggling to understand why you weren’t given the progesterone support?? If it was a fresh cycle and you were stopped from ovulating in order to harvest the eggs, then the ovulation suppression hinders hormone production in other areas which then can’t develope in cycle as you never officially ovulated, and therefore you have to have progesterone to thicken lining and support implantation, I’ve never had Ovitrelle, does it have progesterone? This is very strange protocol which I’m not familiar with. Was it a fresh cycle? What did they say on Tuesday? So sorry again

Hi. Thanks for your reply. Yes it has been tough to swallow and having a period so early has left me feeling let down. The ovitrelle is hcg which is supposed to encourage natural progesterone production but it clearly didn't work or wasn't enough. Tuesday was only blood test and i have a review appointment now for 17th April. Another part i found strange was that flare protocol online generally starts on day 2/3 of natural cycle and doesn't involve the northisterone down reg that i started on day 21. I have a very regular cycle and would never normally bleed that early. I dont know why they had to mess with that so will be asking why they used the down reg. I'm not sure if there is anything i can actually do if they did mess things up.

I’m just really sorry that this has happened, I have never had any experience with this protocol and tried to do some reading this afternoon to understand more. I think it was the right choice if you had low reserve or low amh, but I’m almost certain I read that the support progesterone is also needed...besides it does nothing if you use it and don’t need it so why the hell didn’t they prescribe it for safety sake? With my miscarriage, the progesterone kept my pregnancy going for 4 more weeks!!! It’s definitely a must. I’m so very sorry, I’d like to think they knew what they were doing but I’ve got a bit of a strange feeling about this. Just make sure you have all your questions written down and grill them. Also ask why even though they thought the natural stimulation of progesterone was adequate, why weren’t you given extra progesterone as a precaution, just see what their answer would be. With your early bleed, sounds to me like some support was needed especially as your cycle is usually spot on and regular. It’s all confusing. Please keep me posted on what they said I’d be very interested to know their conclusion. Again I’m so very sorry and deeply wish it wasn’t this way for you! Sending big big positive vibes your way xxx

Aw thank you so much. I'm really touched by your kindness and taking the time to research. I will def. Be asking a lot of questions but not sure what good it will do. This was my first ever cycle so never had a review before. I'm hoping i can ask all the questions without the consultant getting too defensive and getting his back up as it's going to be a difficult conversation. Congratulations on your very happy for you. Not long now til your 12 week scan and then hopefully you can relax a bit and enjoy your pregnancy.x

Hi there, just catching up with you to find out how you’re holding up? Have you had the follow up appointment? Hope you’re feeling better xx

My review is not until 17th so still no further forward on their response or views on what happened. I'm feeling okay thank you for asking. I've accepted it's happened and although i still wince every time i think of the 7 grand i know that i knew when i signed up it was only a 30 percent chance. Perhaps my expectations will be more realistic when my one free nhs try comes around (but maybe not lol). How did your scan go? Have been taking a little break from on here since the failed cycle.x

Hi firstly am heart sorry for you as having had 2 x BFNs I know how bloody painful it is and nothing anyone says can take away the pain.

I have never had or heard of a flare protocol. My first successful IVF cycle was a short protocol with 300iu of gonal f and cetrorelix. After egg collection I got the progesterone support (vaginal pessaries) I tookdaily which is supposed to help through transfer, implantation and first 4 weeks I think.

At your follow up appointment I would Defo question why no progesterone as seems odd.

We have to trust the medical professionals however I had a recent failed cycle that made me question everything. I felt like we threw £4K down the drain. Not as much as you but altogether now we have spent £10.5k since changing from nhs to private. It also feels strangely a worse service.

Wishing you lots of luck in the future. In the meantime enjoy your wine 🍷 you deserve it 😘

I'm sorry I'm of no help, but I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. And your feelings are completely normal xx

I can very much relate to you. Previously, several such incidents have occurred with me as well. If you are doubting the clinic then there must be something wrong. This is because I remember when my 5 IUI cycles failed with a clinic even after that I blamed myself. However, the mistake was of the clinic. They were not at all experienced. Therefore, it is soo important to research and visit the right clinic. Sending baby dust your way.

Hello I am in similar situation. I just finished my first cycle. I started spotting on 5dp5dt which was my natural period date. It stopped and then my period started on 9dp5dt although I was testing strong positive. Can I ask you how many days did you stim? I stimmed for 13 days and my theory is that my body had started producing already lots of progesterone by the time of transfer as we were way off my natural Ovulation days when we did retrieval. A lot of studies show that stimming less than 9 or more than 12 has a bad impact on success

I had 8 days of stimms and my period came way earlier than should have been due. What studies are you referring to? So i can discuss them at my review...its not until the 17th april (next week). It is so hard having a bleed and getting cheated out of even making it until test day doesn't it? Sorry to hear your story. Have you had your review?

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