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4 days after Embryo transfer

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing great! I hope I don't sound too stupid or thick. I had my embryo transfer on sunday and don't feel any different. I have been paying extra attention to my body to see if I can notice any body changes or early pregnancy signs but none whatsoever. I am worried to my bones!!!!!

Does this mean the cycle hasn't been successful??? Please, someone get me out of this misery by sharing your experience with me.

Many thanks and baby dust to us all.

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In the entire two weeks I had one day of sore boobs and cramps, and pretty sure I exaggerated that! Not a single bleed or cramp after that and drove myself mad. Was convinced it hadn't worked, but went for my viability scan today and I'm 7 weeks pregnant! It's so hard, but everyone is so different. Look after yourself and good luck xxx


Congratulations xxxx fab news xxx


Thank you! Most terrifying day I can recall but it was there but so fragile! Isnt it yours today? If so thinking of you xx

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Yes at 10😢xxx


Good luck! The worst bit was that the nurse scanned and didn't say anything at all for about 4 minutes. She warned it could take up to 5 and wouldn't say a word until she was sure. Deep breath and good luck, I have my fingers crossed! X


Thanks for the info x x


Hi hun I'm 10d6dt today and I got my bfp on 8dp6dt. I was convinced it hadn't world because I felt totally normal no pains no cramps nothing on my first fet I had so many symptoms and it ended in bfn. I have only just started to notice a few symptoms metallic taste in my mouth and funny smelling wee bit I'm convinced it because I no I got a bfp. Don't worry to much good luck add I'll keep my fingers crossed for you xx


Hiya. I know exactly how you feel. I had my embryo transfer last Wednesday the 14th, and like you, I have been paying lots ot attention to my body. Way more than necessary! On Sunday, on 4dp5dt, I spent the whole day crying and feeling absolutely miserable. On Monday, going to work kept me distracted and I felt a bit better. On Tuesday, I was again so upset that I took a hpt a soon as I got home. After squinting at it for about 1/2, I thought it was positive. I still took another oneon Wed morning to confirm. I've been taking one every morning since, and now I am concerned that it is not getting any darker.

All in all, just need to be patient. I didn't know what people meant about this being a rollercoaster of emotions until the 2ww.

Good luck :-)


Hey angel_jacy31, I feel similar to you. I had my transfer last Fri and I haven't had any noticeable symptoms either. I do have a very sore back from pulling amuscle during the transfer, so that is my main issue. But no sore boobs or cramps. It's just awful being in limbo. Last cycle I felt more sore and bloated but that was likely from the egg collection, and then got negative result anyway. I test on Monday. Good luck with yours too, best wishes xxx


Thanks for all your encouraging replies. I truly appreciate you all. My official test date is on the 29th but I don't think I can wait till then. I will try my best to wait cos I don't want to go insane if I get a false negative from testing early.

Goodluck everyone. Thanks again.xxxx


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