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Successful sperm retrieval!!


Thank you everyone for your kind comments this morning!

My husband is just off the phone, informing me that they managed to retrieve lots of health swimmers!

Its all down to me now!

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Fantastic. Best wishes

in reply to frnd4all

Thank you! X

Great news 😊xo

in reply to jm22

Thank you x

Yay, great news. No pressure then! Hope the rest goes really well xx

in reply to Camillage

Thank you! Absolutely no pressure at all!! Haha x

Well, this is just amazing news. I am sure in the future things will also be this smooth. I can understand that you must be a little stressed about your part. However, have confidence in yourself. I am sure you will do great. Just make sure to take care of yourself. The nutrients in your diet are very important. Also, drinks lots of water and stay hydrated! These little things do matter and shouldn't be ignored. I tell everyone these things because I believe we all tend to forget about them. Good luck to you! I hope things go well. Just stay positive and strong. This is one great news which will lead to many. Sending baby dust your way.

in reply to hannahding

Oh bless you. Thank you so much for your advice. I'll be sure to look after myself the best I can and keep the positivity alive xx

yay brilliant news!

Thank you! It's a massive relief x

Great news!!xx


Fab news that you got lots of swimmers :) Another step closer x

in reply to Kyell2

Thank you! It's all starting to feel very real now!! Xx

Yay swimmers !! 😁 Whoop whoop xx

in reply to LaurajaneF

It's amazing news. We were terrified we wouldn't have any!! Xxx

Hi there! I hope you are doing well. I m so glad that things worked out for you. Whatever you do just don't think about it much. If you overthink then you will get stressed. Stress can have a bad impact on your baby. You need to stay away from that. After that, you need to have a healthy routine. A healthy routine means that you are healthy and if you are healthy then obviously you have more chances of success. A little bit of exercise and a healthy diet doesn't hurt anybody. I just hope things are fine for you in the future as well. Good Luck! Stay blessed! Bye!

Bless you, thank you so much for your kind advice. I'm try too keep my self as healthy as possible.. lots of water, healthy food and excersice - fingers crossed x

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