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IVF causing pain long after miscarriage

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I’ve experienced right sided lower abdominal pain since egg collection. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage about a week before Christmas, so egg collection was quite some time ago now. The pain became severe so I was taken to a&e, they gave me tramadol and sent me on my way. I thought that it’s probably a cyst on my ovary that had burst.

I called the fertility clinic to see what they thought and they were concerned that I wasn’t seen by anyone from gynae, as I could have torsion of the Fallopian tube or an eptopic pregnancy.

So called GP and they referred me onto gynocology dept at the hospital, so they can determine what is happening.

Last night I had heavy bleeding, so I’m assuming that one of the big follicles turned into a cyst and burst.

Has anyone else experienced such things following ivf?

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Hi Elte. This is not common, and I would have thought if you had an ectopic pregnancy or any kind of torsion you would be in excruciating pain. Hoping everything soon settles down for you. Diane

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