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First scan


i am on my first ivf cycle and had my first scan today. I have pcos and so as expected there were a lot of tiny follicles but there were 11 x 9/10mm on my left, the same on my right but also a 15mm. Is this good news? the nurse said she was happy with the lining thickness and has now increased the Merional in readiness for another scan on Friday. I guess i just wanted to know if these are normal sizes for a day 6 injection scan.

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Hello, that sounds really good, well done! Good luck for the rest of the cycle.

All sounds like things are on track! Good luck for the next scan!xx

thank you for your kind reply's, fingers crossed xx


Hi ludlow. Hopefully the increased dose of the Merional will bring on some of the other follicles without going too mad! Good luck! Diane

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