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Hi Girls, yesterday i had my first scan on Day 6 of stims, ive been on 150 Merional, my scan showed 9 follicles but they were on the small side so they have doubled my dose to 300 Merional, but when i had a quick glance at the computer screen yesterday it said..


Total Follicles 5

Antral Follicle Count 3


Total Follicles 4

Antral Follicle Count 1

What is the antral follicle count? its really got me worried but hate to ask questions when im there as i know how busy they are! if anyone can help with this it would be great xxxx

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im on 150 merional i had a scan this morning and had loads of follicles but they were on the small side too but they havent increased my dose yet i have to go back on Saturday for another scan, xxx

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it was awful to hear that they were increasing my dose but they seem to think things will sort themselves out with it! good luck for Saturday! my next one is monday xxx


Please don't be afraid to ask them anything. Ask when you are there or ring them later, even email them, but that's what they're there for; to help you. I asked questions at appointments and if I forgot something I could email the nurse team and they either email back or phone me.

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Hi katiemiller94. You really need some more follicles, so that some of them can mature in order for eggs to get into ready for egg collection. Hopefully the increased dose will do the trick. This is a common problem, as some ladies are slow responders. However, usually, we can get you to co-operate better by upping the dose, which you may need for another 5-7 days. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thank you Diane, my stomach has gone quite big and bloated so hopefully that's a sign I'm making more follicles πŸ™ Xxxxx


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