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Hi and help!

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Sending love and positivity to all reading this. I’ve been a voyeur in forums for 8 years and thought it may do me some good to actually get involved! Been ttc for 8 long years, lots of misdiagnosis and pain and heartbreak. Currently about to undergo 4th iui attempt but being prepped with 5x2mg Progynova for the first time, in order to kick start ovaries and help my lousy, thin lining. I’m terrified of this drug and it’s side effects. Scared I’m going to balloon overnight 😫

I struggle emotionally a great deal during treatment, I am normally a very positive person but the realisation of the situation and the possibility of not getting the main thing I want in the world, terrifies me.

I hope you will welcome me and I look forward to helping you on your journeys.

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5 Replies
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Hey, please try not to worry about the drugs....what's a little bit of weight gain if it means you have success! I know its not ideal but not everyone puts on weight....I do tend to and Ive been on the same dose as you and I feel a little chunkier (too scared to get on the scales since Christmas too) but I will worry about that later! Wishing you loads of luck, Im just gearing up for my 5th IVF transfer!xx

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Thanks Cinderella5, I know it’s not the end of the world and I have to look forward to the goal at the end. Out of curiosity did you find you were just hungrier and ate more? And how have you been feeling emotionally? I’ve read that some people feel really awful, anxious, depressed etc?

Sending all the love and luck for your transfer, I’d love to keep track on how you’re doing xx

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Cinderella5 in reply to Daretodream

I dont think it has affected me that much either way, perhaps a little more emotional but not sure if that's just nerves as I feel like my chances are running out! I certainly dont feel depressed or anything out of the ordinary. I had really sore boobs for around a week half way through but that has settled down. Hopefully you wont get too many side effects, some do and some dont....luck of the draw I think! Thank you for your well wishes!x

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Everyone's different I think. I found progynova totally fine. Progesterone, on the other hand, made me feel homicidal and hungry all the time!!

You may well be fine too, you won't know until you start. Either way, it's not for long and in the bigger picture it's a very small part. Best of luck xxx

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Daretodream in reply to MissSaoPaulo

Thank you misssaopaulo, progesterone did crazy things to me too! Out of all my very long stim runs I was fine on Menopur and gonal f but clomid and buserlin were not my friends! I think I’m emotional about starting another round, positive thinking from here though. 💖

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