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*Sensitive post* and worried it will end like last time


So I managed to wait until 6am to take a test and it was a bfp!!! I can’t believe I have a bfp naturally after Ttc for 4.5 years and 6 cycles of iui. We were due to start ivf in September.

Although there were no tears and jumping up and down like last time. It would have been my due date in two weeks time had the last one worked out.

Anyone been in the same situation? Any advice on coping with the anxiety that you’ll have another loss? The fear hasn’t really sunk in yet but I know it will.

Also I haven’t exactly been eating and drinking sensibly as we’re on holiday and I’m a bit worried about the travel sickness tablets I took on the way here...

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every emotion that you’re feeling right now is of course completely normal and I believe that even for those that have never experienced a loss go through similar emotions.... I’m not about to tell you to relax it as it’s always easier said then done and I suppose you’ll never really get the reassurance until your baby is born...

As for drinking and taking sickness tablets I don’t suppose although you are ttc that you would have anticipated getting pregnant so I wouldn’t concern yourself too much with how you have been pre pregnancy or pre finding out (it may have been that glass or two that has allowed you to relax enough to get pregnant 😉) so take today as a new day for all things eating and drinking ☺️

I do hope in time you are able to get the reassurance you need and are able to enjoy your pregnancy!

Also congratulations ☺️☺️!!! Xxx

chickp in reply to Jmm21

Thank you 🙂 It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet. I don’t feel the same excitement I did last time but I’m ok with that. I think I’ll try to step away from the internet for a bit to avoid the feeling that it’s more likely to go wrong than right xxx

Oh darling how amaaazing is this 🥰🥰🥰 Im so so genuinely thrilled for you well done .Try to relax and just savour every moment on the hope that that little bean is staying there until it’s due to arrive 🤞🤞🤞 congratulations xxx these stories fill me with hope and happiness xx

chickp in reply to Noah1981

Thank you so much 😊 Xxx

Congratulations, wonderful news to wake up to! Xxx

chickp in reply to Wannabemammy

Thank you xx

congratulations wonderful news xx

chickp in reply to wildchild1989

Thank you xx

Aww congratulations! I’m so so happy for you 😊 Had my fingers crossed for you. I can only begin to understand how you feel. But try to enjoy the rest of your holiday, and take it easy. Amazing news 😘

chickp in reply to Gem2410

Thank you - it doesn’t feel real yet but I’m totally paranoid about every little twinge xx

Congratulations on your bfp xx

Awesome news.

congratulations, just take care of yourself, of course you will be wary but just try (I KNOW THAT IS HARD) and relax and enjoy your holiday as well. xx

chickp in reply to Debrakay1704

Thank you! I’m feeling more hopeful than last time but still worrying about every little pain or feeling x

Congratulations! Amazing news! It’s completely understandable- once bitten twice shy. Hopefully you can relax a bit and begin to enjoy the happy news 🥰

chickp in reply to Alexa3

Thank you xxx

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