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Hour and 45min late Progesterone

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Hi ladies,

I can’t believe it, but I missed my pessarie tonight and ended up taking it an hour and 45min late! I’m trying not to worry too much that I’ve just ruined our cycle, but the thought has crossed my mind.

I’m 4 days post 5 day FET. It’s a natural cycle with Progesterone support because I have a short luteal phase. Has this happened to anyone before? Do you think the Progesterone levels are OK still?

Of course I can call the nurse line tomorrow, but if it’s possible to get a little peace of mind before then, I’d greatly appreciate it. Xx

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Try not to panic lovely! I'm sure 1hr45mins won't be a disaster. Hopefully some ladies can put your mind at rest. Definitely call the clinic tomorrow xx

Heyy. I have no experience with that situation but i have had low progesterone and i was on medication for a while. I think as long as you took it when remembered shouldn't be a problem. You haven't missed a whole day but just one hour. Try to not stress too much and if will make you feel better just phone the clinic tomorrow but im pretty sure an hour and 45 mins shouldn't be a problem. Sending lots of hugs and baby dust xxxx 😊😊😊😊😊

Hey hun dont stress it should be absolutely fine! A couple hours shouldnt make any difference at all. Maybe if you missed a whole day or 2 but an hour or 2 here and there is fine. Best of luck for OTD 🤞🤞🤞💕 xxx

Lots of clinics just say take morning and evening and don't say it has to be the same time each day. My clinic said 8am and 8pm but I didn't always get to do on time. Even just after transfer I was over an hour late. Even the instruction leaflets say what to do if you forget one completely. So please don't worry. Xx

Thank you all for being there when I needed some support. I’m feeling better and I’m sure it’ll be fine. Your kind words will help me to sleep soundly tonight. Hugs xx

I never did my pessaries at set times, just approximately morning and evening. My baby arrived safely a month ago. You’ll be fine x

A couple of hours is nothing when it comes to progesterone. I used to take mine just before I went to bed and some days I went to bed much later than others. I’m sure it won’t make any difference whatsoever.

I wouldn’t worry at all. Mine never even said to do them at certain times so I just did 3 and spaced them out the best I could. Your be fine x

You will be fine..my first clinic said morning and evening, no times x

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