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Hi Ladies,

So I took a clear blue test and I am definitely pregnant! I have told the Doctor and they have referred me to the Midwife.

Still in shock and haven’t really come to terms with it!

I am slightly worried at the moment though as I’ve been experiencing cramps over the last few days. Although I’ve been pregnant before I’m not sure if this is normal and of course my first pregnancy was IVF.

Can anyone shed any light as to whether or not this is normal? I know cramps before we’re normal as it was a sign of implantation - HELP please!


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Congratulations! I would say cramping is normal, I dont really know many people that have done IVF but all of my friends have kids and they had cramping and felt like their period was coming! Good luck.xx

Hi congratulations.

This is really normal! I know it’s scary.

As the baby grows your uterus will stretch & you will probably feel light cramps as it does. It’s sign baby is doing well. I felt so freaked out when I felt light cramps. My mum googled it & gave me huge reassurance. Also you can get easily bloated & constipated in early pregnancy & that can feel like cramps.

Unless it’s intense cramping & heavy bleeding it’s nothing to worry about ( easier said than done)

I was told by my midwife to expect period like cramps between 16-20 weeks as baby has growth spurt. I’m so glad she warned me otherwise I would’ve freaked out.🤣

I think it being your second pregnancy you feel more than the first time; you feel them move sooner too. I’ve felt movements as early as 16 weeks. This is my third pregnancy ( first was having my grown up son, then a chemical pregnancy & this one) I swear I didn’t feel any of this when I was pregnant with him! 🤣

I think we worry more when it’s so wanted. My anxiety levels with this pregnancy are sky high having tried for 7 years.

All the best with your pregnancy ❤️xoxo

Big congratulations hun💝

Cramps can be very normal early on in pregnancy. I had also lower back pain typical for my period days so worried she’s round the corner. I guess cramping and pain muscle is ok as long not associated with bleeding. If you do bleed please check with epu so you are reassured. In my own experience cramping and bleeding was bad sign but I know others here survived healthy pregnancy even with bleeding.

I hope you have healthy pregnancy xxx

Congratulations. Wishing you a smooth pregnancy. Cramping is definitely normal I would say.xx

Just seen this!! Congratulations 😊😊 xx

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