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***sensitive post*** viability scan update


Hello ladies,

We had our viability scan today at 6+6. It has been a long wait and I was honestly dreading it. I’ve had nausea right from the first test, which at first was intermittent and is now all day everyday (no sickness yet). I’ve also had period like cramps (but some days I’ve had no cramps at all) and my boobs are sore some days and not others. To our complete surprise, both our poorer quality fragmented embryos (photo attached) have implanted and both are measuring at 6+4. We got to see the heartbeats 💗. Although this is slightly behind (we should be 6+6) the clinic were happy as they say they don’t know when exactly implantation occurs after transfer. We have now been discharged to the midwife. We know there is still a long way to go and we are taking it one step at a time, but this is another milestone we never expected to reach. Good luck ladies wherever your are on your journeys xxx

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Congratulations. Xx

Fantastic! Congratulations xx

Oh wow this made my heart smile I’m so genuinely happy for you and I wish you all the luck in the world as your pregnancy progresses enjoy every moment xxx

Lovely news congratulations so happy for you. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy hope all goes well xoxo

Ah, double trouble, what lovely news congratulations xxx

congratulations this is wonderful news!! xxx

Congratulations lovely news xx

Wow amazing news and huge congratulations x x

Wow this is such great news!!! So happy for you? Huge congratulations xxx

Lovely news wishing you all the best with your pregnancy xx

Aww that's lovely news! Huge Congratulations!!xx

Wonderful news 💗🌈 congratulations xx

Aw many congratulations what exciting news ❤️ Double trouble x

Congratulations such lovely news xxx

It’s so amazing to read this! Congratulations xxx

Congratulations lovely, all the best with your pregnancy 💜💜

Amazing news congratulations xx

Awesome news...awesome pics.....congrats 😀😀

Look forward to updates.

Argh amazing news, congratulations and I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy.

Amazing news 🥰❤️ Congratulations to you both xxxx

This is so amazing. Congratulations lovely I am so happy for you. I’m also 34 with an AMH of 2.3 We had two embryos transferred and it’s our viability scan on the 12th 🤞🏻. Wishing you a very healthy and happy pregnancy ✨Xxxx

Good luck 🤞

Such wonderful news ❤️ Huge congratulations xxxx

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