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Things have turned a corner!


I'm very pleased to say that after a month in hospital which included Christmas Day, Matthew was discharged on the 28th December. He still has his stoma which we are managing at home and he weighs an almighty 5lbs 7oz which is huge for him! He just made it out of the teeny tiny clothes! He should have his stoma reversed in the Spring!

Thomas weighs over a stone now - what a chunk!

Sending positive vibes to you all


It's so lovely to have them both home and to effectively start properly family life at 4 months old.

Here's Matthew!

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Oh my goodness what a handsome boy!!! I have been wondering about your two. Wonderful news. Here’s to some stress free days for you guys for a change!!! Xx

Brilliant news. Mathew is looking amazing xxx

Oh gosh, what a rollercoaster (!) Hopefully this is the end of the turmoil for you all and you get to enjoy them both stress free 🙂

Congratulations xxx

Great news :-)

I am so happy for you all, congratulations and looking forward to more good news of your new life back home!!

Aww he is gorgeous! I'm sure Thomas is too! So happy you have both your boys at home thanks for sharing wishing your little family all the very best xx

That's wonderful. So glad you've got both your boys home!

That’s fantastic news! He’s super cute (as I’m sure his brother is too). Hoping they both continue to go from strength to strength x

Lovely news. All the best for 2019 with all your family together xx

Awww Kathy, I'm super pleased to see your post! I've been wondering how you were getting on....clearly feeding those wee men up! He's looking great and lovely to hear you're all at home together, just as you should be!💗xx

Fantastic news!! x

I'm so pleased to read this !! Congratulation on 2 gorgeous boys!!

That's wonderful news, he's absolutely gorgeous xxx 💙💚💜

Great news xx

So glad they're doing well xx

Aww this is great news was hoping for a happy update! He looks beautiful and has grown so much! So happy for you and you got noth your boys home 😍😘xxx

That's great news. It's been such a tough time for you all. I am so glad it is going well xx

Wonderful news and I wish you and your family all the best.... enjoy.... 2 babies you lucky lady xxx

Great news! 💙

So happy for you and your family! Matthew is so adorable. Here's hoping for speedy recoveries and perfect health for you all xx

Amazing news. Wishing you all the very best. He looks like such a handsome little boy :-)x

That’s great news!! What a relief! He looks gorgeous 😊 Take care 💕

Oh bless him...hes been through so all have. Hes a darling boy. Love his outfit.

Fantastic! He’s beautiful 💙💙


Great news 😊😊

Oh hurrah! Good news x

Congratulations. Send love to you and Matthew. X

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