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Hi it’s just a quick, myself and my partner are just starting out and we have been given a referral to a clinic for ICSI treatment. But the clinic have told us before we can start treatment we have to have blood tests done, which we have had but my partner has got to have a cystic fibrosis screening and a genetic karoptype blood test done but our go can’t do this as it’s a specialist test, the clinic have said that they will do the tests but it will cost £330 for two blood tests and depending on the outcome myself might have to have the tests done as well which is another £330. Is this normal or should all of this be included with the nhs funding? Not sure if anyone will know the answer or if they have had to have these tests done?

Many Thanks

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Hey hun. My clinic is the same. Specific genetic tests are not covered by the nhs and have to be paid. Xxx Good luckwith everything xxx

Gp should be able to refer you to nhs genetics for this testing if it’s definitely necessary but this will add extra wait time.

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My partner had these due to his very low sperm count, apparently a v low count can be a sign of being a CF carrier. It is caused by a double recessive gene so will only be an issue if you are both carriers, hence only testing you if there is a problem with his result. We are self funding but my NHS gynaecologist ordered these tests before referring us for private treatment. I think they took about 12 weeks to get the results but it might be quicker if you are paying for it. When we went for our first private consultation they wondered why they had requested these tests and said they wouldn’t have asked for them x

I cant say for sure as I live in Scotland which seems to vary a lot from England but my husband had to have karyotyping done as someone said before due to a very low sperm count but this was all part of investigations for his low sperm count and was included in our NHS treatment. They were also checking for cystic fibrosis and did say that if he was positive then I would need checked for it too. They were also checking for a few other things but this was the main one. I would have thought it should be included so would double check but it the rules vary so much. Good luck.xx

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