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Starting to worry

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Hi all, after having 2 5 day blastys transferred on the 13th Dec and getting a bfp on Xmas day, I'm starting to worry I've been having cramps on and off since transfer but yesterday had cramping all day and felt uncomfotable had a little brown discharge but nothing this morning. Anyone else had this and all been ok got our scan in 2 weeks so just worried now.

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I had cramps before I got my BFP Hun & they lasted til I was at least 20 weeks pregnant most days & I still had them somedays til I had my little boy. I have no idea why & it was scary in the early weeks ( I had 3 scans before 12 weeks as I was terrified of having another loss ) but for me the cramps caused no problems. Wishing you all the best. X

Hiya, I’m currently 24 weeks and have had cramping on and off since the start. Used to panic me too but was told it’s normal for some people so I just think of it as growing pains now 😊 x

Unless you are in severe pain then I’d say that some cramps is probably normal as your body is stretching, growing and completely changing. As for the spotting, are you using pessaries? If so, irritation may be the cause and as it’s brown too it’s like old blood.

I would ring your nurse though just to check of course but doesn’t sound like you have anything to worry about.

Good luck x

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kellyoke1 in reply to kirstyblue

Hi yes using pessaries 3 a day, I'm feeling ok today felt a bit sick earlier but soon passed plus didn't feel to hungry either. Suffered a mmc last June so anxiety getting the better of me

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Im sorry you are going through this, it’s scary to see any kind of blood when pregnant. 😳

I had lots of brown spotting throughout this pregnancy between 6-14 weeks. When I had red spotting with clots at 10 weeks I contacted the midwife. The midwife was great told me unless I was doubled over with abdominal pain & heavy bleeding like a period I shouldn’t worry, but if I wanted peace of mind to get my GP to refer me for a scan. I also had cramps early on too; 3 days before my period was due & about 5/6 weeks. And my baby is fine, I’m now over 18 weeks.

my midwife told me at my 16 weeks appointment to expect period pains between 17-20 weeks as baby will be having a huge growth spurt & I have had them which were strong ( but no bleeding) I think the cramps are due to baby growing & stretching the uterus.

Also you can get bloated in early pregnancy which can feel like cramps. My Midwife told me brown spotting is not a concern; only if it’s red should it warrant being checked over.

If you are worried & who wouldn’t be ask your GP or clinic to run HCG blood tests to put your mind at ease until your scan.

I was told by my GP to rest up when I spotted like bed rest. I Hope it eases soon xoxo

Hi kellyoke1

I’m afraid I don’t have any advice but just wanted to let you know you’re not alone. I had quite a lot of cramping the first week after my BFF then nothing, but yesterday I had pain all day on the left side of my abdomen just inside my hip bone. The sensible part of my brain thinks it’s my endo as it’s a pain I get fairly often but I spent the day panicking that it means something has gone wrong.

I really hope you’re feeling better today and can relax a bit X

Hi Kelly

I was the same and the cramps were mostly just uterus pulling

Every other day it embies were just putting on a new extension to the womb

Brown discharge is normal from.that

Do the cramps feel a.tightness and pulling ?

Or AF cramps ?

Drink plenty of water and put your feet up if you feel there is a little more bleeding but those sigsn are usually.nothing to worry about and quite normal

As you are almost 6 weeks if you do get further bleeding you can go to EPU and get an earlier scan to put your mind at rest.

It's too early.for a heartbeat but they will see the sac and lining and measure the size etc

Pray it's all well for you xx

Hi Kelly, I had my bfp on Boxing Day and had cramps every since. I was so anxious on Sunday I called the clinic and on Monday they booked me in for blood test to measure my HCG over 48 hours. I’m about to go back in today for my 2nd blood test. It is such a scary time but everyone keeps reassuring me that cramps are normal. I have my scan on the 16th, I’m really hoping the blood test comes back ok and would love a scan a little earlier but will have to wait and see. Totally understand your anxiety and if you are still really worried I would definitely call your clinic or get to your gp. Holding my breath for these results and have my fingers crossed for you too lovely. Baby dust to us all. 💖 xx

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chickp in reply to Em2405

Hi Em,

Did your clinic offer the blood test when you mentioned the cramping or did you have to ask for it? I keep putting off ringing mine because I’m worried they’ll tell me to wait for the scan!

Good luck x

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Em2405 in reply to chickp

I told them I was very anxious as I had severe cramping and more than pain I would normally have with period pains etc. Once I said that they pretty much said the only thing they can do for reassurance is the HCG if I wanted. At which I bit their hand off because I just needed some kind of reassurance.

I would call them lovely, tell them how worried you are and how much pain you’ve had. Hopefully they will want to put your mind at ease, mine knew I was a worrier and therefore wanted to help me calm down a little.

My HCG on Monday was 12300 odd so hoping it will have gone up today. Will find out tomorrow morning if it’s increased. Keeping everything crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

How are you feeling now? Xx

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chickp in reply to Em2405

I’m ok, not in too much pain but it’s worrying me as it’s mostly on the left side and constant. It basically feels like my endo pain which I had been expecting but I’m a real worrier too! I might call them tomorrow x

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Em2405 in reply to chickp

I would. It will give you some peace of mind and even tho you know it’s endo once you tell them you have quite bad cramps and pain on 1 side they will probably want you to come in. It’s so hard not to worry and I haven’t found a way to do it yet l. I just keep telling myself “worrying about tomorrow just steals the joy from today”. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

One day at a time for us all I think. Xx

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chickp in reply to Em2405

Thank you 🙂

I'm hoping everything is ok for you 🤞🤞

Yes, cramps and some blood. One morning when I woke up. I called the EPU in a terrible panic. They assured me that it was more than likely implantation bleeding and not to worry unless it continued for days or started to get heavy enough to fill a pad in an hour.

How is it now?

Big hugs, it's an awful thing to go through when we are so anxious as it is xx

Hi I’m 6 weeks today, have my scan next week. I have cramping on and off and alternative sides to. I had slight brown discharge 2 weeks after egg transfer too for a day.

I put my cramps to growing pains now so I’m not as worried.

Fingers crossed all is good for you, good luck for your scan xx

Oh also my pessaries i swapped from inserting to the front to the back because of the discharge. As my nurse said they can irritate your insides.

All good now doing them the alternative way lol 😂 xx

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