Starting 2ww - this might be the last chance

Just had 2 5 day blasts put back yesterday - one AB, one BB but both in good shape according to doc so didn't require assisted hatching. I'm trying my hardest to keep open to the possibility it may work for us this time as I don't know if my eggs would be good enough for another attempt. (I am 41 and signs are fertility is dropping rapidly). We already had one 3day fresh, two 3 day frozen and one blast attempt and among them one "miscarriage". So it's been quite a stressful journey so far. I tried acupuncture but it didn't seem to make that much difference. This time I've been doing Circle and Bloom meditations and they are great and have helped me de-stress - even my husband has noticed a big difference since even before we started IVF treatment. I have also been to a naturopath and been having co enzyme Q10, oil of evening primrose, materna, botanical mixture and Chinese red date soup.

I'm really praying it works. But had a moment of madness yesterday when I had a little argument with my spouse about nothing in particular - and felt my stress levels rising. I'm praying this won't have scuppered the little ones' attempts at implanting....

I guess I'm looking for some reassurance! I'm convinced my stressy personality has led to difficulties in this process in spite of all my attempts at health, exercise, low caffeine, no alcohol, etc!

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  • Good Luck I am on also on the 2ww second cycle. Sounds good that you can get 5 day blasts though xx

  • Hi rose, stress does affect us in untold ways, but I'm sure your little spat won't affect them. If anything it's probably let the stress out. Keep doing your meditations and any breathing exercises you've been taught. Most importantly remember why your doing this. I also believe in the power of positive thought. We're all rooting for you, good luck x

  • I really hope you get a BFP and a healthy baby next year.

  • Just wanted to wish you lots of luck!

  • Thanks all for your replies!

  • I wouldn't worry about an argument, it's sometimes better to get it all out and move on anyway! Best of luck to you x

  • Just an update that I did a HPT on Monday and it was negative, but just repeated and came up with a faint line. I have some clearblue ones to check tomorrow, but am over the moon. Believe this one must be real as it's exactly the same brand I used on Monday. OTD is Saturday, but I am praying everything will continue to go well!

  • That's looking good I also got a BFP yesterday my OTD is Thursday xxx

  • Fab! Best of luck tomorrow then - fingers crossed!

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