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Follicles slow to develop and drop in Estradiol. Any reasons or success stories?

IVF in Bangkok. Live in HK so spending Xmas hols here hoping and wishing. Just got back from day 10 of cycle / 9 of stims scan and bloods. Told hormones dropped and recommended cancelling again. Asked if I’d been doing injections correctly? Then insisted on nurse giving me a cetratide jab and asked to return tomorrow to see if any improvement. Did I ovulate early? It makes no sense. Doc wants me to try again but I said I can’t til summer as have ill mother I need to visit at Easter and no other time off work. Have one more set of injections then go back tomorrow and see. I’ve been so good. No alcohol or caffeine in almost three months. Healthy balanced diet. All hormones seemed fine before. Just have to try and relax. Hard when pumped full of hormones and disappointment. Has anyone else here had similar? Or a dip then a rise in Estradiol? Day one it was 55.05. Day 1696. Day 9 756.5. Doc said just showed my egg quality poor. But why dip when more follicles? Thanks so much for your time in advance x

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I am sorry I don't really totally understand the post but from what I can gather they are saying your follicles are slow to develop? Surely they can up the dose or keep you on them for longer?

I never had estrodoil checked during my stims but how can they say you ovulated early? Surely they suppressed your ovulation before starting on the process? I don't think it is possible for you to ovulate until they trigger.

Good luck for tomorrow xx


Thanks for responding. I had no surpression as had to do natural cycle as I respond badly to pill. Doc said my Estradiol which is estrogen has dropped which means egg quality too poor to continue. I had read that your estrogen drops after you ovulate so wondering if some did early? I hadn’t realised all doctors didn’t check on Estradiol. I’m only learning now how different everyone’s protocol is! Hope your bump still progressing beautifully :) xx


Did they give you any indication before you started about why they thought you would achieve? I.e. did they do a follicle count, discuss different protocols etc? X


They said hoping for 14 and my hormone levels indicated that ok. As did the scan. The drugs to be offered would be based on hormones on arrival. I didn’t get to see my proper doc as he was absent when I arrived on 20th Dec but saw his second in command who put protocol together for me after saying everything looked good. Was a different picture when returned on 26th. Perhaps my body does not respond well to drugs. I’ve been on 150 Gonal F and 150 IVF-M so not a low dose. I think that’s why he thought I’d not done injections properly as such poor response. I have a long list of questions to ask tomorrow.


Good for you. And make sure they answer them. It doesn't sound like they have been great so far in explaining things to you. And so expensive. Fingers crossed for you xx

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In amazing but bizarre news my hormones bounced back up and I have 6-8 little eggs so I’m booked in for a New Year Eve EC! Nurse and doctors say drop inexplicable but so happy I get the chance to try and make a baby. We’d have to call her Eve if it worked in recognition of the magic day it happened. Thanks for all your support! Xxx


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