Slow follicle growth & polyp πŸ˜‘

To say I'm feeling low is an understatement, nothing ever seems to go right for me. I've just had my day 10 scan, follicles have hardly grown - low AMH bla bla got about 4 that have moved ever so slightly up the chart and also had a polyp thrown into the mix which they are going to 'monitor'. My god it hurts when you've waited so long to get this far, i know a lot of you have been through worse but I can't help feeling so sh*t about it all. Especially when I've got 2 stepkids who mean more to my husband then I do despite everything I've done for them and all my siblings have kids, I feel a failure. I'm back in Saturday morning for more bloods and another scan - keep me in ur prayers please xxxx

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  • Stay strong! You got this and it will happen - just focus on growing those eggs in your 4 follicles. Better to get 4 good eggs than lots of lower quality ones! Have you got a visualisation track you can use? If not, just spend some time thinking about your follicles growing and the eggs maturing nicely in them. Thinking of you and sending good vibes!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜˜

  • Thanks Loopielu, I feel so down right now, husbands telling me off for thinking negative but I always feel like he doesn't know what I'm going through anyway because he's got two kids already. One of the reasons I joined this forum so I can speak to people who actually understand how I feel. what's a visualisation track? Is there anything at all I can do to help my follies grow? I'll try anything right about now xx

  • Oh bless you. I think men just approach IVF so differently to women. My husband couldn't even remember what days my scans were and I got so cross at having to prompt him about what my follicles were doing... he did care but just not like me!! Maybe call and ask to talk to someone about the polyp if you can? That way you'll know your options and can plan from there. It's such a rollercoaster and plans change day by day (in my experience anyway!!). I downloaded a set of tracks from the catching rainbows site.


    I didn't use all of them but did listen to the stim one in the bath at night while visualising my follicles growing! xx

  • Thanks for the link Loopielu, they said they're monitoring the polyp and if it gets bigger then that's when they'll do something about it πŸ˜” I'll ask again on Saturday and yeh maybe it's just a man thing as mine always seems to forget dates! X

  • So sorry about this. Try and stay positive although I know it can be hard at times. I just wanted to say I had a polyp before I started treatment, I had it removed and only had to wait a month before I could start my ivf cycle. Also during egg retrieval it had come back! I actually had a fresh transfer while it was there and am now 12 weeks pregnant, it probably still is there! Please try not to worry, polyps can exist without always causing a problem, and are also often easy to remove xxx

  • Thanks bluewanderlust, when the nurse mentioned it's on my endometrium and it could cause a miscarriage if it wasn't treated/monitored I almost broke down in tears even though I'm nowhere near that point yet. I'm just fed up of having set back after set back after waiting so long to get here. Anyway I wish you the best of health during your pregnancy, look forward to seeing pics of ur little miracle in the future xxxx

  • Oh dear, did they say they would remove it. I am not sure where exactly mine was. I know it is so hard being patient when you just want to get on with things. Thanks for your kind words xxx

  • They said they will monitor it and should it appear to have grown by EC they'll freeze my eggs and do a hysteroscopy to remove it πŸ˜” I've heard that some don't thaw properly? I can't afford to waste any if I don't have much in the first place!

  • I was in the same boat really. I had 10 eggs but only 1 fertilized. That is the one that I am pregnant with now so I made the decision to go ahead and not risk the thaw. I am told that around 10% don't survive the thaw. I would ask if it is at all possible to go ahead without having it removed. I had to get mine removed in the first place as it would have interfered with the transfer. xxx

  • I'll definitely ask them on Saturday xx

  • Hi..... I just wanted to say I am thinking of you..... it's amazing how follicles can catch up in a few days..... thinking of you.... keep drinking plenty. Sometimes it feels like a slap in the face time after time with infertility. But we carry on in the hope that one day we will get the outcome we pray for. Wishing you Lots of luck xxxxxxx

  • Hi Rainbow_86 I really hope and pray they do catch up, I'm so sick of drinking water and having smoothies but no point complaining, it's gotta be done as do the scans which I absolutely detest. I hope you're ok xxx

  • Bless you..... it's so hard putting yourself through the highs and lows of treatment... when people blink and get pregnant! But we do it... because with every mini milestone you pass... it's a step closer to what we pray for..... you can do this :) and the lows will make it all the more sweeter when you do get there.... try not to be too disheartened but I know it's hard.... praying everything catches up and I'm thinking of you x

  • My follicles were slow initially too, and the nurse pulled a funny face when I had asked her. It was awful. But I kept drinking all that water, and i was on max dose of GonalF.

    I eventually got 8 or 9 eggs, 6 fertilised and I have a baby now.

    So try to keep faith, i know its easier said than done and easy for me to say. My AMH was 3.2 3.5 years before IVF so it would have been a lot lower by the time I had IVF. And my ovaries had endometrioma within.

    Lots of water, avocado juices, nuts - walk a little, but no vigouros exercise - and perhaps can they up the dose?

    It aint over til its over so you are still in the game... Keep us all in the loop, really hoping those follies take an upturn.

    Lots of love and hope to you xxxxx

  • Awww iloveeggs I'm so happy to hear about baby, it's given me a bit of hope 😘 I'm trying to drink lots of water and having smoothies with - kale, avocado, pineapple, blueberries, I hardly have room to eat after all this lol the Dr said I'm on a high dose so they won't up it, not yet anyway see what happens on Saturday - I will post xxxxx so nice to have people understand how I'm feeling, means a lot to me xx

  • Sorry your left feeling deflated this was the same as me on Monday but for different reasons. You'll be amazed how your follicles can catch up, your definitely not a failure! Thinking of you xx

  • Thanks E_05 I can't help feeling worthless and that people probably look at me thinking it's all my fault we don't have kids because my husband has 2 already and his ex has gone on to have another one πŸ˜” All we've been told is it's unexplained fertility throughout this until this Tuesday when they said I had low AMH, I feel angry that I wasn't told this earlier but I guess it doesn't change if I knew earlier or not.

  • You definitely aren't worthless, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks - your husband and family love and support you for who you are. You are putting yourself through a great deal to try and have a baby & should give yourself credit for that. I know it doesn't change anything but I can understand your frustration - are you on short or long protocol?

  • Thanks x I'm on short protocol, 375 menopur along with cetrotide. I never ever thought I'd be in this situation I thought we'll try for a baby and it'll just happen! i do feel a failure because out of my siblings, cousins, sister in laws I'm the only one without a child and some of the insensitive ones will say I should atleast 'try' little do they know!!!

  • I know that feeling I'm the same - both my brothers have children and it's caused a lot of problems within the family but honestly it's not your fault so don't blame yourself. Hopefully you get a bit more positive news Saturday - I'm going for my 3rd scan tomorrow since stimming x

  • Thank you, all the best for tomorrow xx

  • Hi sa_ra I'm sorry to hear your feeling down it really is a horrible and crappy situation. As long as you have a follicle you still have a chance even if it's just the one egg that might be the one. I find it hard to get support from my partner as he doesn't really get what an emotional struggle it is and I just think generally (I know not all men) but I think they are able to cope better with it all and it's us girls who are taking all the meds/ scans and tests and I just think it's hard for them to understand how much it takes over our lives and how stressful it all is. Stay strong and wishing you all the best for your next appointment xxx

  • Thanks nmill, I guess reading a post on here that says the lady has had to stim for 16 days before getting to EC has given me a bit of hope! I'm on day 11 now, got bloods and scans tomorrow. I'm going to try and drink as much water today as possible! Yes I think because we are the ones having the injections, bloods, scans etc they don't truly appreciate what we are going through πŸ˜” Xxx

  • I had to stim an extra day because I had initial slow growth, but they soon get there! Good luck Hun x

  • Thanks for reassuring me C_L_A_I_R_E I'm trying so hard not to stress but have left the hospital in tears the last two times. I hope tomorrow will bring better news 🀞🏼X

  • Thinking of you Hun. My day 7 scan they said they might stop the cycle because of slow growth. So I know how you feel!

    They do suddenly grow. I started to put a hot water bottle on my belly and drank full fat milk. Not sure if it helped but it made me feel like I was doing something proactive!

  • hello, did you get successful growth after the scan xx

  • Oh no they've just told me to keep stimming for now x

    I've got a hot water bottle on me as I message lol and I'm going to make myself some porridge with full fat milk and carry on with my smoothies xxxx

    I just recently lost weight on slimming world too and watching it all crawl back on I'm like ouch but oh well this is more important!!

  • Yes all successful now. I have my day 5 transfer this Sunday!! Yay! πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€

  • All the best with your transfer xxx

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