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7dp3dt transfer - beta result



I had 2 x 3 day embryos transferred last Thursday. Both were Grade 3 embryos, 9 cells - described as a high 3/low 2.

On Friday I had really bad abdominal pain to the point I couldn’t move and my stomach expanded by 16cm. I went to A&E on Saturday and was admitted with mod-severe OHSS. I was discharged on Tuesday as the condition had improved.

Returned yesterday (7dp3dt) for bloods to check all was ok - one was a hCG test - it showed under 5 units. Dr said to not hold much hope as this and the fact the OHSS is getting better don’t bode well.

Having serious period pains since yesterday evening. I’d usually be topping up with ibuprofen at this point but that small chance that the embryos may have stuck is holding me back.

So - grade 3 embryos, recovering from OHSS, negative beta at 7dp3dt, and period pains - doesn’t sound good. I know each of these have a positive - grade 3 embryos do go on stick and develop, OHSS symptoms do diminish in some and they still have a bfp, a test at 7dpt is early, period pains can be normal etc but the whole picture together doesn’t currently inspire much confidence 😢.

I’m returning for repeat bloods on Xmas eve. The hCG test then would be at 11dpt so more likely to give me a final result.

Wish me luck please.

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I wish you luck.

Sweetie 7 days past 3 day transfer is not long at all. Implantation would barely have happened. Don’t give up yet. Good luck xxx

Thank you. I feel much better after reading the comments here. Thank you 😊

Glad you feel better. If you google the timeline for a 3dt you will see. I’m pregnant just now from a 3dt and they did a blood test 14 days past. Fingers crossed xx

I have the dr from the hospital on one side and Google on the other. The hospital dr told me to not hold out much hope, I think that coupled with all the AF pain/reducing OHSS symptoms convinced me she was right 🙁.

Congratulations on your pregnancy 🎉, hope it’s all going well!

I have everything crossed for you. Good luck xxx

It's way too early,still plenty of time,good luck xo

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Thank you 😊

11dp still seems a little early for a 3dt for me.. and definitely too early today. Good luck xx

Thank you. I wish I’d posted here sooner. I spent the day upset and this has at least helped lift my mood! Thank you!! :)

Fingers crossed for you xx


Like the others have said, implantation would gave only just stared! Your not out !! Good luck 🍀

An update - I didn’t ask for the results on Xmas Eve as I didn’t want to potentially spoil Xmas. I had bad cramps yesterday which I hoped may be the OHSS returning but I spotted spotting with fresh blood and when I weighed myself I’d lost 1.5kg in a day (my ovaries must be going back to normal).

At the hospital today a beta hCG was done again and the result was unfortunately negative. I expected it but it doesn’t make it any easier to hear. On to the next cycle...

So sorry to hear this. Take care xoxo

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