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1 day post embryo transfer


So I had my embryo transfer yesturday and now the TWW begins bloody hell, the excitement is amazing! I’m carrying on as normal! But listening to my body! Ordered couple of pregnancy tests to do next weekend. Feel very tired but staying positive! So weird and wonderful to think I have a little egg in me! 😁 good luck to all you ladies about to have the tww or in the tww. Xx

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You have a little embryo in you, you’re pupo! 🙌🏻 Good luck xx

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Thankyou 😬😬😘😘

Very exiting indeed 🤗🤗

Best of luck

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Thanks babe 🥰🥰

So exciting! Best of luck for OTD😊xxx

Has anyone else felt a bit nauses a day or two after the transfer ???

I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme nausea like I was going to pass out. Only thing I felt apart from sore boobs but they are down to pessaries. My OTD is tonnorow but I tested early like 2 days and got BFP.

Wish you all the luck in the world girliy x


Good luck to you xx

I am 5dpt3d and already I am climbing the walls, trying to keep busy. Goodluck!

....how are you doing? What are your symptoms? I had stabby pains Tuesday but no symptoms since!? X

Hiya Scarlett, I am doing well. Getting daily twinges same spot left ovary area almost someone pinching me. Less sore boobs, and no bloating. No discharge. I am wondering when is the earliest I can test? How are you otherwise?

With a three day transfer I’m guessing you have to wait longer? How many days long til your OTD? Mine is 14 but I think I’ll test on day 10 or 11... other than stabby pains Tuesday, I’ve had no pains or discharge. No idea if this is good or bad despite how many 2ww I have endured! As long as we aren’t bleeding red it’s all good x

Mine is 9 days after transfer day. This will be next Wednesday (14 days after egg collection). I might do it earlier. Goodluck!

Wow that seems early! Don’t do too early as you’ll be upset if it’s a false negative x mine is 18 days after egg collection x

Best of luck! 💕 xx

Good luck with the 2ww, I’m glad you’re excited and not dreading the long wait - I hope it doesn’t drag for you. I’m on day 5 now x

Good luck and fingers crossed for that BFP 🤞 xx

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