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7 days post transfer a 5 day transfer * Sensitive Post*🤩


Hey gorgeous girls hope everyone is doing well? I’m currently 7dp5dt and had a feeling this morning to do a test and got this result . Me and my fiancé are over the moon! Best Christmas present ever!!! We are Staying chilled but can’t stop smiling.

My otd is Saturday so pregnancy hormone is pretty strong.

Fingers crossed to all my other beautiful ladies out there in there TWW or about to start ❤️❤️

Sending lots of magic and baby dust to you all! Xx

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Wow. Looking really good. I’m sure otd will just be a formality. Congratulations xx

in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks babe! Yes I’m sure it will ! Been sick as a dog on Monday couldn’t get off the sofa! It’s the best news how are you doing?? Xxx

in reply to Anniebells

Feeling anxious.. you’ll have all this to come lol 🥴 xx

Yes! Congratulations xxx

Thanks babe 😘😘

Ahhh you tested early!!!! Congratulations !!!!!

Omg I hope it's good news for us too as ive had similar symptoms as you this whole week. I'm 6dp5dt but my husband will kill me if I test early.

Congrats xxxx

in reply to Saya85

Do it haha I’m a sucker for being impatient xx

Awesome news...what a blessed christmas

Congratulations! Could it be twins?!?

Hope you don’t feel rough over ChristMas! Enjoy xxxx

Haha I wouldn’t be surprised! thanks lovely!! X

Wonderful news, Congratulations xx

Congratulations such a beautiful strong line!!!

Thankyou Hun! x

Wow nice strong line there, congratulations!!xx

Thankyou ! 🥰

Congratulations dear.

Wow that’s fantastic news! Thrilled for you! X

congratulations hun....good luck with the rest of the pregnancy

Aww congratulations hun, great news 🤰🏼🎄xx

Congratulations brilliant news xx

Congratulations really pleased for you. Nice strong positive test 😍 xoxo

Brilliant news! And good strong line! Huge congrats x

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