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To test early or to not?


Really struggling with the 2WW, OTD is Monday 5th June keep thinking why not test on Sunday what difference does a day make?

So desperate to know (only if its BFP)

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My OTD is Tuesday so I know how you feel, I am going to hold out til Tuesday tho xx


Meant to ask how have you been feeling?? X

emden6 in reply to Hidden

I feeling ok, had few cramps the first couple of days but otherwise ok.

How are you?

My OTD is Sunday but am probably gonna test Friday as I did that last time 😬 xx

Goodluck x

My test day is Friday, have almost caved in a few times and tested early but trying to hold out until then even though I'm feeling pretty crappy! I've seen a few stories where people tested early and got a negative but then got bfp on otd. Hold out if you can but nobody would judge if you test early, we all know the 2ww is so hard!! Good luck xx

emden6 in reply to Nemobaby

Thanks sorry to hear your feeling crappy. Trying to hold out but would just be better to find out over weekend but as you say could hive a wrong reading eeekkk

Goodluck for Friday x

Nemobaby in reply to emden6

Thank you. It's horrible isn't it, ivf is so stressful waiting for things all the time! Can understand why you'd want to test Sunday though, could you maybe book Monday off if you're due to work so you have more time, hopefully to celebrate! Xx

I tested about three days early as I was convinced AF was on its way and just wanted to know. It was a bfp but don't think I believed it till the otd and then the following peeing on many sticks just to check. Good luck x

emden6 in reply to emmab178

Congrats on BFP

I'm due to test Friday and haven't tested early so far. I'm going to try and hold out. It's bloody horrible having to wait. The last few days for me have been the worst. I'm so close now just think May aswel wait another day. Good luck 🤞🏼💞 xx

I'm due to test on Friday and trying to hold out. Haven't caved before but this 2ww is really tough. x

emden6 in reply to Mantaray75

Goodluck x

I tested early and glad I did both times... first round was a bfn But I felt geared up for a negative when it came. Did the second time at 4dp and got a positive. It's up to you... I personally get really really pissed off with my friend who tuts at early testing. I find it patronising I am a grown woman and I can do what the hell I want. You know yourself what's best. Xxx

I cant decide so desperate to know but dont want the dream to be over x

I tested day before and it was negative. On the day it was positive

emden6 in reply to nellynel

Makes me think i should wait x

I didn't and I honestly felt so rubbish..Thought it was over and no point in testing the day after. I was soooo shocked.

If you test and it's negative take comfort that you have till the day

Chops22 in reply to nellynel

I've just read this and it's really given me hope. Did you have an FET or fresh transfer. Congrats on your BFP.

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