looks like something's gone wrong

Hey there! I hope you are doing well. Today is a weird day...I just try to believe that my bean(s) are still with me. I have brown spotting and slight cramps...This is really bothering me. Some say it's normal, the others say it's not. I have a scan on Friday and I'm praying that these things don't mean anything bad. Keep my fingers crossed..

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  • Oh, girl. Try to keep calm all these nerves you are losing now will not bring a good effect for both of you.

    This sounds really a bit dangerous. But it can be everything, don’t forget to think about your spotless future where you’ll hold your children in your arms.

    I hope that all you described is normal as others said but I’m not sure, I think you extremely need to call the doctor or visit his as soon as possible. Don’t wait for Friday, my dear.

    I’ll be praying for your fortune.

  • I'm trying but it's so hard to focus on something else...my gyno is too busy today and he could schedule an appointment for tomorrow evening. I hope it's nothing...but who am I kidding?!

  • I don’t urge you to shift your focus. Everyone would concentrate only on this.

    Isn’t anyone else beside you who could give you a medical help?

    My logic prompts me that this may be serious problems. I want I’m not right but I’m afraid.

  • I have no idea what it can be, but I really hope that everything will be ok. Maybe it’s better for you contact your doctor immediately and tell him about all your symptoms. Don’t wait till Friday, don’t lose your time. Pray for you!

  • yeah, I've already called him and fortunately he is ready to see me tomorrow. Thank you for support! It would be silly of me if I wait till Friday, you are right. x

  • You did right. Hope it means nothing serious and your baby still with you. I’m waiting from you the latest news.

  • my fingers crossed for you, try not to think about it.. relax and spend the time with your family.

    positive vibes and good results on Friday

  • thnk you, I'm trying to stay positive. I guess I'm feeling better now. Hope everything will be alright today. x

  • Hope ur ok can't u go get checked before fri I would x

  • yeah, I've booked an appt for today. keep fingers crossed x

  • Hope all goes well xxx

  • Isn't spotting and cramping normal in early pregnancy? But yes, good that you are going on Friday. Will be keeping our fingers crossed for you 🍀

  • i've seen threads where ladies wrote about their early spotting and they were told it's ok if without pain. i have my scan rescheduled for today, so I'll know for sure if my pea(s) is fine.

  • Good luck!! 🍀

  • Rest and relax as much as you can and I hope all is ok with your scan.

    Kelly xx

  • thank you Kelly!xx

  • Oo hon I was really worried about you. Something has hit me straight into heart day ago. How are you now? What news? Please don’t make me wait, come here and answer, dear

    Maybe you had a visit to your Dr….

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