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Always something!


So after our miscarriage at 12 weeks I’ve just been though my first short protocol which in esscence went really well. Had egg collection on Monday and today was our day two call. We had 11 eggs collected on Monday and sadly only two have made it to today. I’m terrified that the call tomorrow is going to be tomsay that we have none for transfer. We’ve always had about 13 with four or five getting to say two and three by day three.

I don’t know why I’m posting I suppose I’m just fed up with the unfairness as we all are and I starting to think how do you know when enough is enough?

But also slightly keeping my fingers crossed that the two make it to day three tomorrow for transfer.

I’m going to bed with a huge cake tonight!!

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Hi Emma I’m so sorry your going through this. It’s the most difficult journey ever. Please keep positive I know it’s easier said than done. But no matter what happens tomorrow your on the right path and your doing everything you can do. I really hope it all goes well xxx

Emma04 in reply to Hidden

Thank you, tomorrow I pull on my positive pants again - tonight I’m eating cake!

Hidden in reply to Emma04

You go girl. Eat that god dam cake 🤣 xxx

When we have no control of what’s happening to us , I think cake is the best option. Fingers crossed your little embies make it through and I know it’s a cliche but it only takes one! I’ve got everything crossed for you x x

Cake and bed sounds like a good plan 👍🏻🍰

I’ll keep everything crossed for you 🤞🏻 xx

Good luck xx

Thank you, those two troopers keep going and I had the transfer this afternoon x

Dunla in reply to Emma04

Such a relief for you to have had those two little embryos transferred today. Troopers for sure. Best of luck pet xx

aww glad to see you got your double transfer and hope you get your BFN.

Out of interest did you have icsi fertilisation?

just for anyone else reading this it might be useful to know. Icsi would get rid of the general randomness that is natural fertilisation and increase chances.

Also if this is a recurrent issue where you’re getting a low percentage fertilisation rate- looking at improving sperm and egg quality prior to ivf with supplements might be a good idea.

Less commonly it can be a genetic thing which is stopping fertilisation and further testing might be appropriate.

good luck to you however- we await our third cycle this Christmas too🙂

Saya85 in reply to Saya85

Ugh tried to edit it to BFP!!! So sorry- so used to writing and talking about BfNs lately my phone autocorrected it!

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