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10 Eggs Collected! 🎉


I had my egg collection this morning and I’m excited to report we got 10 eggs!

The whole thing start to finish went very smoothly. For any of you ladies who plan to be going through it sometime in the future, it wasn’t bad at all. It seemed to be over before it even began. I’ve just had some mild cramping, nothing worse than a typical period. I’ve only needed paracetamol.

Of course I’ll likely feel differently if I develop OHSS, but so far, I wouldn’t hesitate to go through it all over again. This whole experience has been far better than I expected. Of course, I hope I don’t have to, but I’ll be OK if I do.

This process is so stressful and scary the first time through, but with the support of you ladies, you’ve made it bearable. I’m so grateful to feel like I could do it again should this not turn out the way we hope. Hopefully some magic is happening in the lab and we’ll have some good news before we know it. Xx

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Well done, and fingers crossed for tomorrow x

Yay well done and good luck xx

Yay! Great news xx

Congratulations, will be thinking of you tomorrow xx

Great news to start the weekend 😊 fab news xx

Well done xx

Good luck to the 10 little eggs- let’s hope the magic happens overnight and you all fertilise! Thinking positive thoughts for you xx

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