Day 10 Scan... Egg collection booked!


So we went along for the day ten scan today, lining looks good at 9.5mm, left ovary response is not great, one at 13mm, one at 12mm, one at 11mm and a few at 10mm or less. I had extensive endometriosis excision on this side as well as a separate surgery to remove the tube so not surprised the response isn't great. The right side has responded better, one at 18mm, one at 17mm, two at 15mm, then a few smaller ones. One additional day of stims then egg collection will be Thursday! Just waiting for a call to confirm a time for us...

I'm happy that we have some decent sized follies but I can't help but feel disappointed as I was hoping for a few more... Anyone been in a similar position?

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, would love to hear how you are all doing xxx

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  • Don't be dishearted hun that's a great response xxx

  • Thanks Button I think as I'm fairly young (29) I was hoping I'd respond better, but as my hubby reminds me not all 29 year olds have been through the same as me! Currently cheering on my right ovary and praying it does the business for us! Xxx

  • My right ovary is always better than my left. On my 2nd cycle they told me I had 6 follicles but managed to get 7 eggs (one must of been hiding) as I always try and tell myself its quality not quantity that counts xxx

  • Very true! Just need one good one don't we! Will keep you updated buttons xxx

  • My right ovary produced more follicles than my left and I haven't had endo or surgery. It seems we can have a more dominant one. You're numbers are looking good and they've still got time to grow. I hope it all goes well on Thursday.

  • Ah thank you that is reassuring! I think as we are self funded I am probably putting myself under more pressure for it to work... Big big positive today though in that egg collection is booked and still have few more days to grow 😊 Xx

  • Hi Hun, I had 8 collected , 5 fertilised and 2 that were able to be used. 1 grade A and 1 grade c . We had ICSI which we were only told on the morning off egg collection. Glad we did though as we may not of had the outcome we did . My husband sperm motility slow. I have low egg reserve too, and endo on my left ovary . Think positive , some people manage to grow lots of good sized follicles and still only get 2/3 or less that fertilise . Chin up keep positive xx

  • Ah thanks Leah that is so good to hear, guess sometimes you convince yourself that things are working against you! When is your OTD? We are also using ICSI as hubby has low motility, trying to stay relaxed as much as I can, will keep you updated xx

  • Our OTD is sunday , so nervous . Our first one failed so we decided to use embryo glue this time. I feel much more relaxed this time I have taken time off work and using this time to catch up with friends and chill. If this one fails we will crack on with another fresh cycle in a few months . Is it your first cycle? Egg collection is exciting , you might feel a bit sore after . The sedation is great lol never had it before . Are they putting your egg back day 3 or 5 ? X

  • Yeah first cycle for us, we are at Liverpool women's and think they use embryo glue for everyone but I don't know too much about it to be honest! I had morphine after my endo surgery in December,that was a nice feeling lol. Think we will find out Friday whether it will be 3 or 5 day transfer, think it will depend how many fertilise, fingers crossed!! Xx

  • Exciting stuff xx

  • Hi Sprinkles - that sounds really good so far, I had 8 follies on the day of EC but my last scan before that I only had 5 I think so don't worry, you've still got time before tomorrow! Lots and lots of luck for EC, lets hope there's some big juicy eggs in there for ya! :) x x x

  • Thanks MommaBear 😘 Very excited today but bit sore and bloated, I am glad we are done with needles for now! How are you doing? Xxx

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