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Bleeding 8dp5dt


I’m so upset, it’s happened again, bright pink spotting half way through my 2WW.

I am gutted, I have done two POAS test and both came back as BFN.

I really don’t know what to do, where to go next.

Why does this keep happening?

Why can’t I make it to OTD?

Has anyone experienced this, and have the clinics changed what they do?

I can’t stop crying ☹️

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So sorry to hear this 😢 I bled on day 8 too, I asked my clinic if I could increase my progesterone dose so this time I’ll be on Cyclogest pessaries and Lubion injections. I’m still at the stimming stage at the moment so I don’t know if it will have any effect but it might be worth asking your clinic?xxx

Hi, not experienced what you are going through but wanted to show support.

I can’t imagine how you must feel and it’s easy for me to say but try and relax and get some rest.

Call the clinic and ask for some advice.

Good luck and I hope you have some positive news xxx

Oh hunni I'm so very sorry 😔 I've been through 2 rounds of ivf this year and 2 BFNs with my recent one last month. It bloody sucks and it's utter s%$#! I'm still not ok, and just feel so much hurt, sadness and resentment is so high right now, I barely know who I am anymore. I just wanted to send my love and just know your not alone. I'm so very very sorry please look after yourself and I hope you have a good support network around you. I do very much hope your result changes on OTD. sending a massive hug ❤💓💞

Im really sorry, I had this twice in a row and its officially crap! I was on crinone gel for those NHS cycles and even although I was sure I must not be getting enough progesterone they kind of just said "that's not possible". I asked them to to check and they said "that's not something that we do". I went private after that and I get given cyclogest pessaries 2 x 400mg per day and havent bled once in the 2ww although still chasing that BFP. Big hugs, I know how it

Becatoms in reply to Cinderella5

I’m currently on 400mg of cyclogest, 3 times a day, which is more than last time. I genuinely believed that this amount would keep the spotting/bleeding away until OTD.

Perhaps this was me being naive?

It’s the most horrendous rollercoaster of a journey, and to those of us still chasing our BFPs, I really hope that we get them.


Cinderella5 in reply to Becatoms

Ahhhh so you're already on a high dose. I like you genuinely thought this would be the case too so I dont think that's being naive at all. Im not sure why this stopped mine on my last two then, the only other thing was that when I went to private treatment I swopped to DE so my embryos were better quality. Look after yourself, do whatever helps to make you feel ok. Im guessing the clinic will tell you to keep taking the meds until test day which always felt so futile.xx

I’ve heard of ladies who have spotted during 2WW & gone on to get a BFP. It’s definitely not over! Hopefully it was implantation bleeding & you won’t get a positive until a couple of days following implantation. I had no symptoms during the 2WW & even had what I thought was period cramping 3 days before my period was due & it wasn’t my period it was implantation cramps-i couldn’t tell them apart!!! All the symptoms of early pregnancy & PMS are the same. Really hope it was implantation & have everything crossed for you 🤞🏻✨✨xoxo

You have some good advice above Becatoms. Praying its just implantation bleed and that it was too early to test hence the BFN. Hoping this changes to a BFP as you are only half way through your 2WW. Best of luck 🤗

How truly disheartening. Continue on with your meds until otd though. I spotted on my last round every day of the tww and I knew it hadn’t worked but I kept taking the meds and tested on otd, just in case.. xx

I had this before and did some personal research and asked my clinic and changed to lubion to make me feel better but essentially we are all on sufficient progesterone to sustain an embryo. Last time I didn’t bleed and got a BFP but later scans showed a missed miscarriage. There are lots of people that have bled in the 2ww and got a bfp I think it’s just part of the rollercoaster!! Fingers crossed for you x

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