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I have had the worst nights sleep last night! Genuinely the back pain was unbearable!! Couldn’t get comfy at all...

Then this morning I’ve had an upset tum, I’m hoping the earlier days of symptoms after transfer were good and I could feel my little bean implanting 🤞🏻

Fingers crossed things are going ok, how’s everyone else? Xx

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Good luck 🤞 xxx

Fingers crossed that's exactly what it has been, all sounds positive! Im doing ok today, I had a bit of an achy back last night too......I dont know that to think anymore....officially a loony tune! I take it you didnt test today as planned?xx

We did a sneaky one yesterday, it it was negative so decided it was probably too early and we will wait until Saturday, how about you? Cx

Ive been doing those cheap internet strips as I said before although everyone yesterday told me they were pretty rubbish. I used one today, still bfn but just I may as well use them up. It is early so will keep my good ones probably for a day or so yet!xx


Hi Montgomery2. Oh dear! Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight. Not much to say, except that I'm thinking of you and your "bean". Diane

Thanks Diane, I’ve just started spotting I hope it’s not AF!! Will find out in the morning if it’s continued xx

Not continued this morning by I have cramps. Which could be the pesseries. On the other side the pesseries keeping away AF xx

Glad to hear that its all settled down today! Wrecks the head doesnt it?! I really dont know what to think as I had nothing last time and more cramping this time but still dont really feel like its worked and pessaries are keeping AF away.....never bloody happy am I! Ha ha haxx

It’s because you’ve had so much bad news, I just hope for the both of us that it’s positive news! Ive viewed my dream home yesterday - very nice! We’ve just got to save a bit more to get there. It would be nice to have some positive news with the embryo 🤞🏻🤞🏻 Xxx

Oh me too! Wow, nice to have a beautiful house to look forward is fab....its always good to have something to aim for!xx

Hey how you doing today? Is it tomorrow you've got fot OTD? Are you doing bloods?xx

Hey! I’m fine, I’ve got to do a HPT tomorrow. We will do bloods if it’s a positive HPT. How are you? Xx

Im ok I guess. Keep randomly bursting into tears....bloody progesterone is making me a big wimp! Ha ha ha Good luck for tomorrow!xx

Have you tested? Xx

Ha ha ha of course I have.....still negative unfortunately!xx

No way! Fingers crossed it will turn for you xx

Ha ha ha I wish I had your optimism!! I do know of a couple of ladies that have had BFN on day 10 which changed so I have a chance, just not hopeful. Have you managed to resist?xx

We did test on day 6 which is far too early, so I’m not counting the result!! Xx

It was negative then x

Oh yeah far too early!xx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Montgomery2

Hi. Hope all is settling back down again. Diane

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