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What can you do/can’t do post transfer?


I had mine yesterday. I’m scared to move! I’ve been at home today but back to work tomorrow. Apart from no hot baths or hot water bottles I wasn’t really told anything else.

Is there anything that I should be doing/shouldn’t be doing?

Even having a pizza for my dinner and I’m feeling guilty 🙈. I did make a point of having vegetables last night though.


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Hi Kirsty... no heavy lifting... and also try to be a litttle active in terms of walking to increase your blood flow... good luck xxx

Hi there, I was advised no strenuous exercise or heavy lifting, but other than that to carry on as normal 💕 xx

My clinic gave me a list of things which included advice to have no hot baths or hot water bottles, do have gentle exercise and folic acid, oh and do try to have at least one portion of fruit amd veg a day! 🤣

Besides that don't lift anything over 5 kilos for at least the first 3 or 4 days x

I have been doing abit of walking but I’m scared to even tidy up because I keep bending down. I don’t want to over do things. Feel like I’m already reading way too much into what to eat and feel guilty for even having a pizza x

Camillage in reply to kirstyblue

Pizza has veg on it right? Most important thing is not to overthink everything and just try to relax into your new PUPO!!!!(yay) status xx

kirstyblue in reply to Camillage

I think the main thing I’m worrying about is what I can/can’t eat. The hospital never said anything to me about food but I’m reading all sorts of dos and don’t x

Camillage in reply to kirstyblue

Do you know if you are allergic to anything? Avoid that.

Other than that follow general pregnancy advice I would say. Which is make sure your steak is cooked through, in fact make sure anything you eat is cooked - including prawns and fish. Don't have too much tuna, wash everything. If you eat cheese or dairy or even fruit juices make sure they are pasteurized. And, for brie / camembert you should also eat only when cooked. I am sure there is other info, it's on the NHS website x

Camillage in reply to Camillage

So get a baguet, chuck your camembert in the oven, stick your feet up and relax xx

kirstyblue in reply to Camillage

Thank you 😊 Xx

I have been taking folic acid x

My clinic told me to live my life as normal but avoid heavy lifting & anything that would strain the abdominal area. It’s so hard not too worry. I’m coming to the end of my 2ww and have probably been quite hard on myself. I hope the 2ww passes quick for you xx

I had a pizza for dinner on my transfer day, seemed like the right thing to do after all I've gone through! :-) I've gone plant-based in the days since though to make up for it.

My clinic (an NHS hospital) told me to just continue with everything as normal. I asked them specifically about baths and hot water bottles, they said they are fine. I'm surprised you were told something different? I also asked about hot yoga and the gym and was told that I can continue 'anything that my body is used to'. So Zumba and yoga it is!

My clinic (NHS) also said to just carry on as normal, but they said hot water bottles are fine and it’s ok to have sex if you feel comfortable, I know others say don’t do both these things. (strange how every clinic is different with do’s & don’t’s but they all want a positive outcome).

I guess just your healthy choices when it comes to food (which I’m sure you had put in place during all ur waiting for transfer) and the odd treat, I think we deserve that after everything, don’t we? xx

Hi, I had my ET today (NHS) and was told basically the same - do the same activities as I usually would but maybe take the intensity down a notch, check the NHS website for foods to avoid, carry on with folic acid...

I think if they're going to stick they'll stick so try to just be kind to yourself. Pizza sounds like a great idea! 🍕xx

Oh I know what that’s like! I always felt so guilty about doing anything in case I ruined my chances! I know it’s easier said than done but try to carry on as normal, so no bed rest to help keep up healthy blood flow. Just take things a little easier than usual. Only gentle exercise like walking and no heavy lifting. My nurse told me to let my husband do the housework during the 2ww, I wasn’t going to argue with that ☺️ Having said that, there’s women who are in their 2ww and don’t even know about it and will be doing all sorts! It’s not easy though. Always the worst bit for me. Wishing you the best of luck xx

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