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Natural FET - any positives?


Hi All,

Its been a while since I posted here but, after our first shot at IVF ended in a chemical pregnancy a few months ago, we are all set to go with a natural FET this month. I had a scan yesterday and everything is progressing naturally as it should be and I am now waiting for my ovulation tests to tell me I am surging so that I can let the clinic know and they can get me in for transfer.

I was just wondering if anyone here has had any positive experiences of a natural FET as everyone who I've mentioned it to in real life looks at me blankly!

Best of luck to everyone, Xx

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I haven't had one before but am hoping to have one in January.... sounds like it's a lot less stress on your body! I am at the recurrent miscarriage clinic next week for further investigations before we do the FET... this was my third miscarriage so they want to check there's nothing else affecting our chances xxx

MonkAK in reply to Sprinkles86

Hi Sprinkles,

Yes, I was really pleased when my consultant said that she didn't think there would be any difference in success rate between a natural and assisted - the natural really appealed to me as all the drugs and hormones made me go a bit crazy last time, plus I think all the preparation makes it such a big 'thing', which just adds to your stress levels. I have been able to take this one in my stride much more and generally be so much more relaxed which can only help. I'm sorry to hear that you've suffered so many MCs, I hope you can get some answers soon. Xx

Sprinkles86 in reply to MonkAK

Yes the stress really takes its toll on you doesn't it?! Thank you I am hoping we can too, I am just praying one of our frozen embies is the 'one' xxxx

Yes me :) I am now 15 weeks pregnant after a natural FET no scans no drugs just tested my ovulation and then had transfer 6 days after my peak was detected! :) my last natural one before this one ended in a chemical pregnancy so I think natural FET's are great, much less stressful and they work just aswell :) your body knows what to do, it doesn't know if you have had drugs or not all it does is react to the embryo that lands inside it :) it doesn't know how it got there..

Everything crossed for u X

MonkAK in reply to Bumpwanted

Hi BumpWanted - congratulations on your pregnancy! I am hoping that my body will know what to do. I have certainly felt so much less stress this time round due to not taking all those crazy hormones and not having to take so much time off work. I should 'surge' in the next couple of days and then they said they will transfer 7 days after that as our embryos were at 5 days when they froze them.

What advice can you give in terms of what to do to improve our chances after transfer? Last time I totally detoxed for 3 months prior; gave up caffeine, booze, ate all organic and massive amounts of protein, brazil nuts, etc. This time I have not been quite so militant, just because I think I am generally more relaxed about the whole thing. I have given up caffiene, am eating a (fairly) balanced diet, have limited myself to a couple of glasses of red a week and am drinking tonnes of water. I'm also having acupuncture. Anything else you think I should do?

Thanks for any tips you can give and wishing you a wonderful and enjoyable pregnancy! Xx

Tugsgirl in reply to MonkAK

May I ask how many blastocysts are you having put back at transfer? x

MonkAK in reply to Tugsgirl

Hi Tugsgirl, we only have 2 and are having them both put back. We can choose one or two but they both have to be thawed at the same time as they were frozen together so we are going with them both. X

Bumpwanted in reply to MonkAK

Hey Hun I was relaxed like you I still drank some wine even on my peak day and ate well but ate what I wanted too, I tend to avoid caffeine anyway.. I had acupuncture pre and post transfer and listened to zita west relaxation during IVF everyday during the first week of the TWW. Someone advised me to eat warm foods and keep your feet warm so I did that too :) I rested but also tried to walk everyday too as I thought it was good to get blood circulating to the uterus :)

Good luck Hun I will have everything crossed for you! :)

Lou X

Following. Hoping to have one in January or February at the latest x

MonkAK in reply to Tugsgirl

Good luck! I can recommend it so far but time will tell whether it is successful or not... I'll keep you posted. X

Wishing you lots of luck and sending lots of love x x x

MonkAK in reply to MommaBear16

Thank you lovely. Same to you! Xxx

Hi sweetie, I had a positive with both my natural fet cycles. My first one didn't last but this one is doing well (fingers crossed ... early days and all at 10 weeks). I thought that the natural fet was so much better (for my mental health at the very least) compared to even the fresh transfer!! I go along totally with bumpwanted's advice ... including th ekeeping the fwet warm thing;) Take care, try to keep as relaxed and balanced as possible. ... all my best wishes are being sent your way :) xxx

MonkAK in reply to Datak

Thank you Datak and huge congratulations ...I have dug my thermal socks out on your's and BumpWanted's advice! Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy. Xxx

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