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BFN one day before OTD

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I couldn’t hold back any longer. This is my second icsi cycle and I’m 12dp5dy today with OTD tomorrow.

I know that if I had any kind of viable pregnancy then my hcg should really be detected by the HPT given to us from the clinic.

Unfortunately it was a BFN. It’s just devastating and I want to be able to come to terms with it but my stupid mind keeps wandering and searching for stories online telling me I still have a chance of a BFP tomorrow. Please tell me this is unrealistic and unlikely 😓

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I am so sorry to read this. What test did you use?


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OneDay79 in reply to Camillage

Thanks camillage, I used the one given to us by Care Northampton. It’s the hcg cassette that you use pipette to drop urine sample onto. I think it’s not as sensitive as a frer but then it shouldn’t need to be at such a late stage.

I’ll prob buy another standard HPT and try for last time tomorrow as that’s the official test date - but not hopeful at all.

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Camillage in reply to OneDay79

I would use clear blue tomorrow. I really wish you all the best xx

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OneDay79 in reply to Camillage

Yeh I really should just get a clear blue and get it over and done with. Thanks camillage x

Sorry to read this. It’s so tough. If only there were more highs than lows with fertility treatment. It’s understandable that you are feeling like you’re “out” but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that somehow you get a positive tomorrow 🤞🏻 If you don’t, that’s what we’re here for xx

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OneDay79 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you tugsgirl for the kind message. I’m feeling angry and resentful at the clinic, the consultant, the whole impersonal and seemingly insincere process, at my own shitty body, at my DHs shitty sperm and the overwhelming silence that’s consuming us both right now.

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Tugsgirl in reply to OneDay79

It’s a lovely day here. Cold but sunny. You may feel like you don’t want to face the world today and if you do then that’s ok, but if I were you, and the weather is kind, I’d get myself out of the house. Wrap up warm, get some fresh air, go somewhere beautiful xx

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Sorry for your BFN, really hope tomorrow it changes to a BFP 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 xoxo


I had a bfn day before (used the strips from ebay which i regret) but next day on OTD i got a BFP so im really praying you gets yours too xxx

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