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I need luck lol.

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OH mates is coming over RIGHT NOW, LAST MINUTE, with big news argh it's either they're having a baby or getting married, either one I need luck lol been waiting to get married for ages just can't afford it after finishing uni and loosing work and we'll we all know the IVF story so baby news I cannot deal with in my home right now. Haha sorry for the rant lol

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Good luck. Hope it isn’t what you think, the baby news would be worse xx

Sending you strength for whatever it is you hear 💪🏼💞xxx

Good luck! Hope it’s not as bad as you think. X

Their having a baby NEXT MONTH 😭

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kirstyblue in reply to Sammy18

Oh no 🤦🏻‍♀️ I feel for you cos I’ve been there. We’ve been trying for a baby for about 2-3 years now and we are just waiting for our first ivf transfer. My sister is 15 weeks pregnant and whilst I try to be excited it’s really difficult seeing all her bump pictures when she was never really the one who mentioned having babies.

Don’t let it bring you down. We will get there 💜 x

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Sammy18 in reply to kirstyblue

Yes it really is, I am the only one out of 4 (second youngest) to not have children, I have 15 nieces and nephews the youngest is two, I was trying for a baby when my younger sister left school at 16 she now has 4 children so seeing her pregnancies and announcements has been hard going, even now where she sometimes wishes she doesn't have children, if only she knew. Good luck for your first transfer xx

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Tugsgirl in reply to Sammy18

Oh I’m sorry. Do they know about your situation? That must have been hard to hear xx

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Sammy18 in reply to Tugsgirl

They know that we lost baby last year that was the last time we saw them. Yes really was especially due so soon too that was a shock. Xx

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Tugsgirl in reply to Sammy18

It’s a shame they didn’t give you a heads up text/call before just turning up. Keep your chin up, you’re being very brave. Make sure you treat yourself tonight xx

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Sammy18 in reply to Tugsgirl

I know he was supposed to call tomorrow to tell OH, instead called this morning and was like "I'm on my way". Thankfully he's gone now. Sometimes I just wish OH would find someone who can give him a family, even though that's not how I want to think, I also don't want this pain for him 😭. Seeing his friend happy and OH sad and wanting to share news but can't just kills me. Xx

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Tugsgirl in reply to Sammy18

I feel the same about my Hubby sometimes even though we have MFI. It’s silly isn’t it? But I keep telling myself that no matter what happens we’ll always have each other xx

And now I'm sitting next to him listening to him tell me his baby is going to be born in the same hospital I lost mine I don't want to hear this, I live in a god damn flat

You've got this Sammy18. Whatever the news you can handle it! You are strong and brave and you can come back and rant it you need too. Xx

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Sammy18 in reply to Waterfall2

Thanks hun, he's been showing 3d scans and all sorts, now he's told us he hasn't shut up, I've had a meltdown in the bathroom though, OH came to give me a hug so going bk to grin and bear it feel a bit better after a cuddle lol xx

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Waterfall2 in reply to Sammy18

Oh dear, you doing so well!

That's exactly what I do, big smile then massive cry once they've gone. Enjoy the cuddles, maybe treat yourself to something you enjoy later on. Xx

So hard to sit and smile, hope you get to treat yourself this evening and get lots of cuddles, thinking of you xx

Hugs 💞xx


This is very insensitive! Hope you're ok xxx

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Sammy18 in reply to

It really was. They are due the first week of November and having a C-section LIKE THE FIRST WEEK it's only a week away. It has hit me quite hard, especially as he expects us to visit the hospital when she's had the baby. Some people just don't understand. Fingers crossed I get my dream tomorrow (I've waited 10 years now) just absolutely petrified, wouldn't have a clue where to go next xxx

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I'm so baffled as to why they left it so late to tell you and with so little time to get your head around it. Don't feel pressured into visiting at the hospital - when you feel ready you can always ask if they're happy for you pop round their house. They might want to want a bit longer while they find their feet anyway👍 What is tomorrow? Xx

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Sammy18 in reply to

Yes I was too, we have tried to reach out to them but they have cancelled several times causing a huge inconvenience but now that's probably the reason because they didn't want us to know. Sorry thought it was in my post lol. I have my second scan tomorrow from my bfp, had a first scan at 6 weeks but they couldnt see baby and were going to do medical management last Friday but I refused till my clinic scan me as it's still early supposed to be 8 today xx

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Cinderella5 in reply to Sammy18

Sammy this totally sucks! I'm sorry that you've had to go through this, must have been awful! You're so brave! Huge hugs.xx

Some people really just don't think do they!!! Couples who've not had any problem conceiving are blissfully unaware of others situations...Glad to hear you and your hubby are supporting each other through this.

I’m sorry your OH friend was so insensitive 🤦🏽‍♀️ we’ve had people drop bombshells at us 🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s not easy. People don’t get it do they 🤦🏽‍♀️

Anyway I am wishing you the best for your scan & really hope everything goes well. I hope it gives you reassurance & you can enjoy being pregnant. xoxo

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Sammy18 in reply to

Thank you, good luck for your scan too. Fingers crossed this is it for us xxx

in reply to Sammy18

Thank you. 🤞🏻Wishing you the best today & will be thinking of you ✨❤️😘 xoxo

Very depressing - I can relate!!! Dwelling on it tho will just be sheer torture! Try and stay strong and believe that any day now your luck could change..... I so hope so for you! X

Aww totally feel for you and Good luck! Xx

I totally sympathise with u. My bestest friend told me she was due in 3 months the day after I was told I was starting my ivf treatment and I couldn’t handle it at the time 😢

Out of all my friends she was the only one who had t had a baby yet and myself of course. She told me that it was scary cos she doesn’t really like babies and she didn’t want the lifestyle change but her husband did. I would have longed to have a baby and it was heartbreaking. She is due in 6 weeks and I’m 4dp5dt crossing everything that my embryo grows into a little baby as we have so much love waiting to give.

Hold on in there it’s tough and such an emotional journey. xxx

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Sammy18 in reply to Nicnac2303

😭 I wish people would understand, shame we can't change the world haha. Good luck for OTD, will keep my fingers crossed for you xx

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Nicnac2303 in reply to Sammy18

Thank you so much. Sending you all the luck in your journey. It is so tough, people try and say the right thing but it is normally the wrong thing and it is heartbreaking.xx

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