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Update from 2nd viability scan


Hello, we had a second scan today (after being told last week that our baby was measuring small, should have been 7 was) It wasn’t good news today. There was no heartbeat this week. I just need to decide which option to go for now, either medication or surgical? Does anyone have any advice around this? I had the medication last time and my reservation with this is that it went on weeks and I continued to pass bits (sorry if tmi) which was difficult to deal with. Thanks in advance. Xx

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I am so so sorry to hear this, sending you huge hugs.

I went with surgical management, for me I needed it to be over physically so I could deal with the mental implications. I was slightly different as I had been bleeding but not passed anything for 2 weeks.

I found the surgery itself a doddle, if a little clinical and not much empathy with the staff but that could have just been my hospital. I was in and out in a day and in truth I was relieved it was 'over' physically at least.

Sorry for your loss xx

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Thank you for your lovely message and for sharing your experience, sorry you had to go through it too xx

I’m so sorry. It seems to me that you’re swaying towards surgery this time. I’ve had both medical management and surgery. Surgery is very quick. You will bleed afterwards but at least you’ll get the closure of knowing that it’s done. Sorry for your loss xx

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Thank you very much. Sorry you had to go through this too. Xx

Im so sorry hun.

I have few friends they've picked the medicated one but took them ages and one of them ended uo in a&e because he body did not pass everything... The surgical seems a better option....

I don't know what to say really... Just wanted to write something and im sending you millions of hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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Thanks for your message xx

I'm so sorry. I've had medical management twice first time it worked and was over fairly quickly, second time it was like the first but unfortunately it didn't complete. I ended up having surgery I was in and out in a few hours. I would say surgery was a better experience for me than the tablets. Sending you hugs xxx

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Thank you and I’m so sorry you had to go through this too xx


So sorry to read this, sending you big hugs at this difficult time. For me I chose surgical management simply because I needed immediate closure, but obvs only you know what is best for you.


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Thank you for sharing your experience. Sorry you had to go through this xx

Hi Italy

So sorry for your loss. No advice, was just thinking of you going through this difficult time and really feel for you. Just because it happened this time doesnt mean you wont go on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby next time around.

Hope you make the right decision. Given what everyone has said above, it appears surgery would be the better option. Sending you lots of hugs xx

Hi italy16,

I am very sorry to hear about your miscarriage. It is such a terrible experience... when I had mine, I opted for the surgical option as the process is quick and pain less. You are out on the same day. I chose this option as I wanted to be sure that everything was gone. I also needed that to grieve.... but this isn’t for everyone. Some people need more time... I hope you will find the option that suits you most. Maybe follow your heart. I send you lots and lots of big hugs. Take care 💖

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