I think my boobs hurt!

If I've got another 7 and a half months of worrying and wondering what the hell is going on - I am doomed.

Every day Mr Emu asks me: are you boobs sore, are you ok, any symptoms, do you feel sick... then asks my tummy "are you in there?"

So...I'm about 6 weeks and 4 days PUPO. (I can't use the other P word - I want that scan!). It's horrid. I hate this more than the 2ww! I've had no real symptoms. Or any that I can determine are symptoms of a BFP.

But my breasts seemed a bit tender on the nipple when I knocked them just now. So ladies... is sore breasts just the breast and not the nipple... and general aching or when being poked? (Please note I didn't poke my own boob).

I'm sorry if this question upsets people; I feel a bit lost because I know I've had a BFP but I don't know where to ask now. πŸ˜• xx

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  • Mine ached all over but mostly when I didn't have a bra on and when I went to bed on a night, I only had sore boobs for around 3 weeks and not long after my 7 week scan they have not been bad at all now. Waiting for the first scan is defo worse than the 2ww and now Im waiting on my 12 week scan and that's even worse ha ha it's going to be a constant wait and worry I feel this whole journey lol xx

  • Yeah agree read my 20 wk scan post...xx

  • It's hell on earth x

  • Hey babe what's the PUPO abbreviation?

    I think you should have a poke about πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I have read a lot of women complaining about aches when the take their bra off. Your still on pessaries too eh? I loved my boobs on them!!

    Now the are just sacks again xx

  • PUPO: (used in 2ww) Pregnant until proven otherwise ...

    trust you to tell me to poke about! Yeah. Pessaries until 12 weeks. I guess it could be those making my boobs hurt! :/

    Sacks? What are? :/ x

  • My boobs....they were lovely and firm/perk on the pessaries. Now normal saggy service has resumed 😒 xx

  • J told me my boobs looked firmer and I slapped him! Told him they always looked like this! πŸ˜‚ maybe not! x

  • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha xx

  • I didn't know the pessaries had that affect. Wondered why they looked good but hurt so much and have done since I started injections really. In 2ww now and now hoping they hurt cos I'm due a BFP but trying to stay calm.

  • Oh god. Every symptom in your two week wait can be blamed on: pregnancy or pessary. Pessaries are evil! x

  • Hiya I know excatly what you mean. I did not believe my BFP and had to take 6 tests and forced my doctor to do a blood test too. When I say forced I really mean that. I threw a complete tantrum in surgery tears and all!

    Only at 6 week scan did it see more real.

    You be fine honest xx

  • I hope so. I've not even taken another test! Mr Emu doesn't want me to obsess over testing all the time!

    Thanks for posting your 20 week scan post x

  • My friend who I moan about has had no sickness or anything of any note. My boobs and nipples are zingy sounds weird but nipples get sore. So sounds good. I know I have high hcg so I think this is giving me an earlier onset of symptoms. So I don't think you should worry we are all so different. However I am booked in for my scan at 5 weeks 6 days. So this Saturday. You have quite a wait and if you are worried book in for a private scan elsewhere. I am in the Midlands and the clinic I go to do vaginal scans for 80 quid. Just an idea hun. Xxx

  • Awww thanks. It's a good tip to have. If I can get through the weekend I'm hoping I'll cope. Mr Emu is from Yorkshire. I've more chance of a moth from his wallet agreeing to check my urine than an early scan. But I'm going to mention it! 6 days to go x

  • You are welcome. I am married to a soft southerner so he just gets told we are doing it.. followed by the words tough. I have become a little obsessed with empty sac syndrome. So we all have our fears. It's like you can't quite enjoy it... But hey I think we are at the dawn of a worry that will last a lifetime. Xxx

  • Sore nips for me almost inflammed sore, never got sore boobs. Just nipples that didn't seem to want to fit in my bra anymore.

  • Thank you for the reassurance! x

  • I just wanted to say that I see so many women that even at 20 odd weeks that have had no symptoms etc. (I'm a Midwife)

    I always ask women, especially ivf survivors. They must think I'm really interested in pregnancy symptoms πŸ˜‰

    I saw a lady pregnant with twins (ivf) at her 20 week scan the other day and she has had no symptoms what so ever and her babies are perfectly healthy.

    So please be reassured that no symptoms means nothing at all. You just have a baby/babies that are trying to be kind to you- not realising that we are the only women in the world that want some sickness!!


  • No symptoms with twins?! I've told myself it definitely isn't twins now because of no symptoms. I didn't realise we had a midwife on here! Thanks for your reassurance. I have asked the embryo/embryo's to make me a little sick. But they aren't listening! xx

  • You're still even a little early for morning sickness - don't worry about that. For the short time my baby was there my nipples were sore and my boobs were bigger not like dog the bounty hunter Beth bigger but bigger for me. I wouldn't worry too much. The biggest symptom I had was tiredness - I was always tired.

  • Awwww thank you. I'm feeling a little calmer today. I think because of all you lovely ladies and because the scan is sort of nearly here! x

  • Oh god mine hurt all over. Were so sensitive. But this will come and go for you for the next 6 weeks

  • Hunny just because you have your BFP doesn't mean you can't ask everyone for pregnancy advice! You have been through a hell of a ride to get that BFP and I'm sure everyone will want to support you with pregnancy if they can. You have supported many on here and no one will mind, however I can't help with your question as never achieved the BFP yet, but ever hopeful and people like you on this site give us hope so ask away πŸ˜€β€οΈ x x x

  • Awww, thank you. That's so nice to read. :) x

  • Mine don't hurt at all and I'm 9 weeks tomorrow although they do feel heavy like when you take your bra off. I haven't been bad symptoms wise but constipation and wind is a killer be glad when they feck off or at least chill out. I get nausea if I don't eat constantly it feels haha but only been sick once and hoping that's the end of that. Hope all goes well x

  • Thanks! I'll be watching out for those things! x

  • I was getting bad wind before I even tested I think it was probably my first symptom and its hasn't stopped lol. xx

  • I didn't realise my bad wind was a sign of pregnancy. I thought it was my damn pessaries. Which I guess it could also be... x

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