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10dp5dt feeling anxious and frightened 2nd ivf


So i posted last week for the first time. My official date it thursday 11th. But im starting to cave whether i should do a test tonight or tomorrow. I feel ill woth anxiaty. I just want to no but i am also scared of the outcome as iv had a terrible year and just dont think its worked. Any advise will be so apperciated. Im just praying i get a positiive

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Hi Freckles28. Try and hold out until the correct test day on Thursday if you can. You're just going to have to try and keep busy if you can, while you wait. Thinking of you. Diane

Thanks Dianne. Its a hard time. Its the hardest part of the ivf xxx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Freckles28

Indeed it is. Fingers crossed for you. Diane xx

If you can, hold out til test day, if you test today/tomorrow you will keep testing anyway. It's hard but you can do it :) xxx

Freckles28 in reply to genten

Yeah this is true. Im just constantly on edge worrying. Its blooming hard ha. I just wish i hd blastos at 5 days not nearly a blastocyst and a merula i think its called xxxx

genten in reply to Freckles28

Aww I know how you feel but you have come this far without testing which is amazing, just a few days to go.

Hoping and praying that you get your positive. xxx

I test on Friday and like yourself I’ve been struggling.

I even just put my jacket and shoes on to go buy pregnancy tests (I don’t keep them in the house as I would test) but got to the door and changed my mind 😂

U have come so far and only have a few days to go, stay strong ❤️ xx

You won’t know for sure imo unless you hold out to official test day. I know it’s really hard but you can’t believe an early negative and with an early positive you risk a chemical. I always waited until otd.

Hang in there, I know it’s difficult it but it’s just 3more sleeps. We test on the same date🙏🏻 Xx

I caved and I’m due on 11th too, but it doesn’t stop the anxiety.

If u get a bfp today how would u feel about testing on the 11th?

I feel scared that it’ll be bfn - worried something may happen to take it all away from me. I know it’s dramatic but I’m truly petrified.

Good luck xx

Freckles28 in reply to AJJ123

Ajj123 its horrible isnt it. Its so blooming scary. Eee imagine if we both did work twinnies hehe xxxx

AJJ123 in reply to Freckles28

🤞 xxxx

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