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Round 3 donor egg


So we are all planned to start round 3 in November. After 2 rounds with my own eggs we have decided to go for egg donation. It's exciting, petrifying, emotional, literally sooo many different feelings. I always thought I'd keep going with my own eggs. But we have a sperm problem also and I suppose I just feel that we will be on this ivf journey for years if we don't make a change of some sort. At the end of the day I will carry the child this is our baby. Any advice for going forward re how to make sure my lining is right, anything I should be doing. Any positive stories would be great xxx

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Oh very exciting. Not long to go. What to expect? A lot less drugs for one.

First scan around start of your period just to check nothing weird there.

Second scan and bloods to check lining thickness and progesterone / oestrogen. Needs to be over 8mm but not too thick. Looking for triple layer etc.

Then onto transfer the following week.

Then the 2ww.

Good luck and do ask if you have any wobbles or questions xxxx

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Thank you. It's soo crazy isn't it. One minute I'm really excited the next I'm soo nervous. Will be quite happy with a little bit less drugs this time. How are you doing? Xxx

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Good thanks. Started the progynova yesterday. Each day is closer. Just need to try not to worry about lining etc. What will be will be. You won't be far behind. Keep the end goal in mind. We got this! Xxx

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👍 is this your first donor round? Hope you don't mind me asking. We have problems with both me and my husband so I'm pretty scared that the embryos don't make it or don't fertilise, also linings a worry too. But I suppose there's not much we can do but go with the flow. Are u from U.K. Xxx

Hi Claire, I am 24 weeks pregnant with our first donor egg cycle (after 3 cycles with own eggs). Our treatment was in Greece.

Lots of love and luck to you xx

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Congratulations that's absolutely fantastic ❤️❤️ Xxx can I ask if u had any sperm issues? I can't help but worry that it won't work my hubby has low quality and quantity xxx

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We didn’t. But try not to stress. They will probably use ICSI where they inject the sperm straight into the egg. So no swimming required (assuming that was part of the problem). And hopefully you will have multiple eggs so can get multiple attempts at fertilisation. Of course nothing is guaranteed, but they will have seen this before and know what to do for the best. xx

No advice on this I'm afriad.

I just wanted to wish you lots of luck. Xxx

Good luck.

I'm nearly 14 weeks after our first donor egg round in Spain. Had 4 cycles with my eggs.

Never had sperm problems until last round with my eggs when they needed to do ICSI. ICSI is standard protocol in Spain so there wasn't a choice this time.

We also have 3 good quality frosties which is something we never managed to achieve before.


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Hi Mantaray-could I ask which clinic? Pm me if easier. Thanks and congrats!x

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I've sent you a message.

Good luck! I’m looking at donor eggs but needed one last go with my own to settle my mind before I can move on. Are you doing it in the UK?

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Hi we are in Spain the clinic is fab xx

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Which one if you don’t mind me asking?


Good luck. I'm 34 weeks pregnant with my Spanish donor eggs. Best decision I made. 😊😊 x x


Good luck im going for a tandem cycle in a few weeks in Cyprus. Ive had 2 rounds with own eggs here in UK which were unsuccessful. Im 41 now so this is my last round using my eggs and a donors. If this doesnt work we will only go back for frozen ET. (If theres any over to freeze). If not thats the end of our journey. My donor is 24 and from the UK. We too have sperm issues and OH will need sperm extraction op when we get there. OH has Azoospermia xx

Hi Claire

I am on my first donor egg cycle after 3 rou ds with own eggs. There are a lot less drugs involved for us... I am currently sat on a beach in Cyprus while we wait for an email to see how many of our wonderful donor eggs fertilised overnight. Really pleased as we got 9 eggs from collection yesterday! Never got that many with own eggs so me and OH are really pleased. Bit surreal as usually at this stage I have had loads of drugs, scans and the egg collection procedure! The cli ic has been good and kept us fully informed. The embryos will be frozen at the end of the week so we can arrange transfer when we are ready. It's been very relaxed so far. My emotions have been all over too but I've had some counselling which has helped. I thought I'd keep going with my own eggs but there comes a time when you're ready to move on and try something new. We are having our treatment in Spain. I can't comment on the sperm issue as that doesn't affect me and OH but they have done ICSI with us this time. Standard procedure with donor apparently. Good luck with your journey xx

Great news that you got 9 eggs, that's a brilliant start! Good luck for the next few coming days!xx

Hey Claire, its a big step to move forward like this but its much better having some extra hope out there and also that you arent faced with egg collection, that is a definite plus! We gto 6 really good embryos compared to my eggs! Not long to go now, no advice really but wanted to wish you luck!xx

Wishing you lots of luck, I'm going through this for the first time myself and we'll be flying to Cyprus 3 weeks today for our cycle. I would say not being on as much meds and no daily injections is a big plus so far. I have the same feelings as you, a right whirlwind of emotions, but fingers crossed it goes well for both of us xx

Hi Claire,

I'm doing one more cycle with my own eggs (which will be the second), then will go to donor if that fails as apparently I'm an incredibly rare case which doesn't give much hope. Are you doing it in the UK or abroad? Do you mind me asking if you are using a friend's eggs or anonymous? I've already had a friend offer and am seriously considering it.... Best of luck! Xxx

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Hiya I did 2 rounds with mine too. We are using anonymous in Spain. I'd struggle with a friends eggs I'd always feel that it was their child. I do know people who have used friends eggs and it's worked out really well for them. Good luck in your next round xxx

I am not on a cycle now but just to wish the best of luck to everyone who is. I did mine in November last year.

What I did:

Nothing much. I lost 10kilos before the proceedure

I continued exercising which involves running 5km every other day. Stopped running the day before transfer.

I was on low dose asprin from a month before egg transfer up to 35 weeks of prego.

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