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Four days into injections.

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Hi I have just had my blood results after three days of injecting Menopur. I should have been starting my morning injection tomorrow but they said my blood levels are only around 500 and should be over 1000. Does anyone know what these levels refer to?

Trying to fit scan appointments and bloods around teaching full time is starting to prove very stressful! Today it took me an hour to get to my blood test due to traffic and getting lost. My chest felt like it was about to explode. My Mam thinks I should go on the sick but I hate letting the kids down. But also so torn because I need to put myself first to improve my chances. Is anyone in a similar situation?


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I don't know what it's referring to but sounds like you had s stressful day.

I think you absolutely need to put yourself first and I would personally take time off. I've just taken a week off after never taking any time throughout this process, do what you need to do. Xxx

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Thank you. You are so right. I have this guilt and shouldn’t because people who fall pregnant naturally have time off without the guilt. Today was a big eye opener. The stress of the travel and trying to get back to school in time for the kids was unbelievable! I had to pull the car over and just breathe. Thank you for your kind words I really appreciate it. I wish you well in your journey at whatever stage you are at. Xx


Please make time for yourself to de- stress. You have a lot going on with the procedure itself. If you need to go on the sick then so be it. I know you said you dont like letting the kids down but you need to put yourself first, if you dont, who will?? I have taken a fortnight off work. I get my test result tomorrow. God forbid if it didnt work out for me atleast i know that i did everything i could have to give it a good chance. Good luck hun. Everyone here is in my prayers. wish nothing but happiness for you all.

Thank you. I know, after today I realised my body and mind can only take so much. Good luck for your test results tomorrow! I am sending positive vibes. I really hope you get the results you deserve. Xx

Hiya, I think the numbers refer to your E2 levels. I just went through an IVF cycle and also took a while to respond. Can be so frustrating and slow and hard to juggle everything. No advice just wanted to say be kind to yourself and I hope it works out for you x

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Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it. XX

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