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Pessarie residue



Has anyone noticed a lot more pessarie residue post transfer ? I understand that the active ingredient is absorbed quite quickly and it’s just the outer shell that’s discharged

I’ve been on progesterone pessaries since last Sunday but I’ve noticed since my transfer on Friday there’s a lot more residue on my pantyliner and ruining my underwear. Maybe I’m just a lot more fidgety now 😐

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They are a nightmare aren’t they?

Mine get very messy after inserting them ( have to use them until I’m 12 weeks) but I think it’s normal.

Some ladies use the back passage as it’s less messy.

Good with your 2ww xoxo

Like all the medication during my ivf cycle I get DH to do all the dirty work🤣🤣apart from oral tablets 😎🤣

Oh I could never use the back passage

Congratulations on your BFP ❤️Xx

Hidden in reply to sanni12

Thank you. No I couldn’t use back passage either!!! xoxo

Yep! Those pessaries are so darn messy!! I too noticed a lot more discharge after transfer so don't worry. All the best to you xxx

sanni12 in reply to Abaco

Thank you xx

I didn't notice that after transfer but I had to swap to the back as they really started to irritate me.

Good luck. xx

It’s normal - are u on uterogestan ? I was warned by the nurses that this was going to happen so I’m not too shocked.

Anything to give my body what it needs not to reject these embies xx

sanni12 in reply to AJJ123

I’m on estradiol 2mg 3 times a day and progesterone x2. Yes very true I guess it needs to be done xx

I recommend the extra long pantyliners that several brands make. Normal pantyliners won’t cut it.

Brilliant suggestion. I second it. They’re a godsend with pessaries xx

Thanks for the advise. I shall pop into local supermarket in the morning 👍🏾 xx


I find they were making me sore down below so I swop between front and back and to be honest, its easier and much less messy through the back door. It does depend what brand you are on though so check with doctor if you are considering the back door lol xx

sanni12 in reply to Hidden

Thanks. I believe you can use them both ways. I shall see how I get on xx

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