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Today’s positive post

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I wasn’t sure if you guys wanted to keep this going or not but it’s really been helping me looking for positives every day and reading yours is always so nice. So maybe we could carry on for a little while?

So this evening me and my husband took the dog for a little walk after tea to explore the local area a bit and we found a lovely little local pub. Everyone was so friendly it started to make me feel more at home plus I only had a black currant and soda. It may not sound much but I have decided no alcohol at all during the week for the next few months to prepare for our next round and I don’t normally have lots of will power so tonight I’m very proud of myself! Xxx

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I gave up alcohol in January 😖 sometimes I do wonder if that is making me more stressed 🤷🙄

Today our neighborhood's cat popped round and we have lots of cuddles.

Hubby away so it's me and Netflix 📺

Simple things and evenings on my own are just so nice sometimes.

I love the positives of the day! Keep them up as long as you like. I think we missed one yesterday?

Anyway, today I was working from home but instead of sitting at my desk all day I managed to peel myself away from the computer and went for a walk around the local park with a lovely pond and lots of wildlife. It almost felt like I was skipping work he he. But I was actually only away for about 20 minutes and I am still only at 6800 steps for the day. Just shows you that a little time away does your brain and well being a lot of good.

This evening I went for a wander around The Range and bought myself some sparkly coasters. I can tell my husband they are for Christmas but I have them out already.


Today I started to put my mental health first again.

I booked my first acupuncture appointment I have had in a while.

I got help from people on this amazing community and my insta family.

My husband was amazing.

In the midst of a difficult day, those are the positives.

I love the positive posts. .happy to alternate days if that makes it easier for you as quite a commitment😂my positive today was a lovely drive up north to a meeting just chilling listening to the radio and admiring scenery and on way back in called my mother in law who is awesome and we had a lovely chilling on sofa with bake off and my boys..bliss 💜🐾🐾🐾xx

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Franco81 in reply to vic77

Actually shall we do that? Only if you don’t mind? I love doing the posts but sometimes we’ve just sat down together and my husband tells me off for being on my phone 😂

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grand let me do tomorrow 😍😍I on my phone way too much too 😯xx

My positive for the day is that I rang my clinic to see what how long our wait was for our donor sperm, and although they couldn’t give me a definite answer, I just though- all good things come to those who wait, and it gives me that extra time to continue to get my body tip top!! I’ve also given up drinking during the week, and cut down on the weekend xx

Well done you. I’m glad you’re keeping these posts going too.

My positive for today is that my toothache is finally calming down. I chipped a tooth a couple of months ago and I think the nerve is beginning to get aggravated. I used a temporary filling tonight and after throbbing for about half hour it’s now finally settling down. Ps I know I need to see a Dentist and I will pluck up the courage soon.. it’s just that I have a phobia 🤦🏻‍♀️😕 xx

I think it's great! And good to keep it going :)

Sounds like you had a nice evening :)

Well done you!

I was pleased that I actually got through the day as it was really tough, holding back tears etc. but when I got home, I had a really chilled evening and husband cooked a lovely meal. xxx

Ahh after all you’ve been through it’s good to take a day at a time and celebrate the small happy moments xxx

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