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Saturdays positive moments...

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So today I have been able to see some positives again which is a great start!

Despite the rain not stopping ALL day, we had some friends round for brunch then took our dogs for a walk ending it with coffee and cake! Which was lovely.

These friends are a couple we nearly lost touch with. They got pregnant as soon as they started trying after our lives had mirrored each others for so long until that point. It was painful for me and she was a little insensitive sometimes but they were great friends before our infertility journey began and I’m grateful that we’ve started seeing each other again (their child is 18 months now but I was able to put the comparisons aside and enjoy their company again). So for this i am grateful today!

How have your days been? Even if you’re struggling today just a small little positive will make me, lots of others and hopefully you smile even just for a moment xx

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What a lovely positive post, which is exactly what it’s meant to be lol 😊 I don’t know about you but the older the children get the easier I find them to be around.

Positives for today; I have totally transformed the kitchen tiles with some simple transfers, but they look great! I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out.

Hubby is going to his mate’s house tonight to watch the boxing so I get to light my scented candles (he hates them lol), have a bath and then snuggle on the sofa to catch up with Law and Order svu (he hates that too lol). I just hope he doesn’t come home too drunk! 🤞🏻🤞🏻 xx

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Franco81 in reply to Tugsgirl

Yes definitely, it’s much easier to be around older children for some reason. It’s pregnant women and new borns that I find so difficult.

And your evening sounds lovely, I hope it was as relaxing as it sounded x

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Tugsgirl in reply to Franco81

It was thank you ❣️ xx

Lovely to read your positive moments, such a lovely idea and really helps to focus on the good things going on in our lives.

My positive moment today is receiving a really nice text message from a new teacher I'm working with plus my dad treating us to a family curry this evening.

Tugsgirl I totally agree with you, I work with 6-7 yr olds and don't find this a problem at all but seeing pregnant women or babies is another story, I just can't deal with this at the moment X

It has rained ALL day! my positive is going for a walk in the rain (drizzle before it was crazy heavy!) and enjoying it!! 😝

That’s a tough situation with your friends, I’m glad for you all that you are still in touch 😊 Xx

Ive feeling abit tired and lacking motivation the last few weeks I stopped the gym in June as I was pregnant and didn’t want to do anything that might cause another mc but I mc again. Since my mc I’ve had backache I know it’s because of not exercising. So today I made the kids do a little run then a walk not far but a start I feel so much better. I’m pushing myself back towards the gym as it gave me focus.

It sounds like you've had a lovely day 😁

I had an impromptu afternoon with friends drinking hot chocolate and chatting until the café closed. I also managed to get out of going to a party so I made myself simple but delicious and healthy food, and I'm now curled up on the sofa with the heating on. Bliss. Xx

Your day sounds like it's been lovely.

My day was perfect! I didn't leave the house! I should have gone to my cousins wedding but i decided to put myself first and stay home as that's what I wanted to do. I have relaxed all day and it's been great. Watching all my favourite things on Netflix and had some goodies!


hey hun so we went to a sating goodbye service organised by the mariposa trust at Glasgow cathedral today to honour and remember our beautiful baby we lost positive is i so proud of us that we went and was so upsetting but comforting to know we were not alone and to be in such grand and amazing surroundings made it feel so much that our baby mattered. ..our baby always mattered to us but it felt so comforting to know our baby mattered full stop .I feel so proud today to be a mum to our lost baby answer so proud of my hubby for being their dad...a sad but happy day xxxx

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Franco81 in reply to vic77

Ah such a mixture of emotions today I’m sure. I hope you found some peace in honouring your precious baby in this way. Sending you hugs xxx

Loving all these positives ladies.

Really pleased Vic77 that you went to saying goodbye service. I know that would have been such a beautiful way to honor your angel.

My positive is feeling great no aches pains and full of energy. Iv felt rubbish for such a long time and now iv got this surge of energy and I'm loving it. Wish I felt like this all the time. Iv deep cleaned every where and enjoyed some quality time with OH which has been lovely. Feeling very happy


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How are you doing in general, lovely? Xx

A lovely positive post, we need our friends around us even if they can be insensitive at times. I'm like you find baby bumps and new norms the hardest.

Yesterday was the first day I could honestly say was a good day, I cleared everything out of my spare room readiness to become a nursery, next stage painting it a pale yellow, although not pregnant yet I want positive vibes that our FET will work in December!

Stay strong hun xx

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You're doing the right thing sorting your spare room now in anticipation. I started stripping our spare room in August last year, but after our third round of IUI failed I lost heart with it and just closed the door to the mess! I fell pregnant in April and we are now frantically getting the room ready but it's taking ages as the (woodchip) wallpaper uncovered some nasties and it's been more work than we had planned for. Needless to say my nesting instincts have had to be put on hold for now! Xx

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