Warning Positive Post (pictures)

Warning Positive Post (pictures)

I am going to post one last time in this fertility network, as I kind of feel it doesn't feel right to be here anymore - I am 12 weeks pregnant (ICSI).

I have been really helped by a lot of you and have been following some of your journeys.

I had a 12 week scan yesterday and my little jumping bean was perfect (very fidgety so not the clearest but beautiful non the less)

Please try to stay positive, this was my first round of IVF after trying since Jan 2012.We had 17 eggs collected, but by transfer day only had one blastocyst to transfer and none to freeze.

I am due on the 20th of October and couldn't be happier.

Love and so much luck to all of you xxxx

(Ps I chose this picture because of the little waving hand)

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  • Well done mrs k. Relax. Everything ll b fine.

  • Stay as long as you want! Most of us here are always happy and encouraged to see good news whatever stage you're at, it gives us all hope. Congratulations to you x

  • 😍😍

  • Love it, how exciting 😍gives me so much hope to see this xx

  • just beautiful. Congratulations! Positive news is always most welcomed and gives hope to everyone. Best wishes for your continued healthy pregnancy 😊 xx

  • It's journeys like yours that give all us hope that it will happen for us one day. Enjoy every minute of growing your lil jumping bean x

  • Congratulations, awwww it's lovely to hear success stories it keeps us hopeful xx

  • ooh my god!! how sweet! I totally understand your decision to quit this forum and go on with your life I think that for a lot of people here you were a support and someone to talk to just when there's no one irl

    I wish all the best and you know it is so good to see someone to finally find happiness

    I feel like I will also be leaving everything the moment I am a mother.

    I just know that there will be a day when I decide to stop thinking about my fertility journey and leave it all to the past.

    Good luck hun:D

  • Love positive posts to remind us this rollercoaster is worth it. Congratulations x

  • ❀️

  • You don't have to go hun? My sons 3 months and I still hang around here like a bad smell as I still find it very supportive ❀️ And I offer gah support back to people. Xxx

  • Delightful! Wishing you all the very best and hope you have a happy and safe 6 months xx

  • Congratulations, your little one looks lovely and lively! 😍

  • Awwww, congratulations. Such lovely news.

  • Congratulations, lovely photo! Xxx

  • Love to see a positive post! Congratulations and best of luck! Xxx

  • What a lovely positive post, wishing you health and happiness with your beautiful bean ❀️ xx

  • Ahhhh love seeing these posts! Congratulations!xx

  • Aww that wave is adorable!! Seeing post like this always makes me feel happy that it does work and that hopefully one day I will be saying the same, but if your off then I would like to wish you all the best for the remainder or your pregnancy and good luck πŸ˜‰ πŸ’• Xxxx

  • Amazing, wishing you all the best lovely xxx

  • Hi MrsK1rk. Looks a perfect waving bean to me! Lovely picture. Hope all goes well with the rest of the pregnancy. Good luck! Diane

  • Congratulations hun and wishing you a healthy pregnancy, please feel free to post updates it's always nice to read positive stories xxx

  • So lovely! You should absolutely stay on here. I'm genuinely thrilled for you! x

  • Wow congratualations - it really does give hope!x

  • Congratulations! We are happy and excited for you. God see you through in Jesus Name. Amen

  • 😍😍😍

  • Where's the 'love' button on here?! Thank you so much for sharing, what a great pic! Please don't feel you have to leave the forum, I am sure your story will continue to inspire and encourage others xxxx

  • Amazing huge congrats xxx

  • Wonderful pictures!! Congratulations!! Don't feel u have to go!! Positive stories good!! Whatever tho make sure u post a photo in October 😊

  • Awww that's lush my story is very similar. Due 1st Nov .

    Please don't feel you have to stay away. I get lots of comfort still from reading posts and I think it's important to continue to share success stories as well as the sad ones.

    You probably can offer lots of support and comfort to others from your experiences. Loom at it more from the point of view that others need your help and advise now rather than you need their comfort.

    I'm going to continue posting on here throughout my pregnancy. God forbid anything goes wrong on my journey but if it did I knew I'd have a support network right here behind me



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