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Delayed period

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Hi all, I trust we are all doing just fine. So, I have my eggs frozen for transfer in due cause. I have been on the Buserelin nasal spray since 7th September and I was advised to call the clinic on 1st day of my period so I can be scheduled for transfer.

My period is 4 days late and I am confused. Is it possible for one to get pregnant while on the IVF medications?

I will appreciate your contributions please.

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Hi, I've heard that some of these sprays can end up making your period late. Mine came on time but I was on a different spray (synarel).

As far as i know it is possible to get pregnant while on these drugs as we were advised to use contraception while on the drugs.

Maybe take a test and see?

Good luck x

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Osayuwa in reply to PurpleH

PurpleH thanks for your reply, I guess I will take a rest like you have advised and see what happens.

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