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Can Progesterone injections delay period?


Today is my 11dp5dt and decided to test, even though the official test day is on Tuesday. Bad mistake... got bfn... I’m trying to keep my hopes up and be patient until Tuesday...

Normally my af comes well before the test day... 8-9-10 after transfer but this time nothing... no af... So I’m thinking maybe is late because of the injections and pessaries? Is the first time I’m on both pessaries and injections...

Any advice? Xx

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Hi lovely I feel for you, I'm in the same position so would be interested to see what peoples thought are. This is my first time on injections along with the pessaries too, and my period was due on Thursday. On friday I experienced so many AF cramps and dull aches I was convinced it was coming and it was all over. But no bleeding yet and the aches have gone, but I can only think the progesterone is stopping AF too. I'm trying to remain hopeful, I havent tested yet. I'm 8dp5dt today and OTD is thurs.

So I just wanted to send you a virtual hug and I'll be keeping everything crossed for you for Tuesday xx

Raluca88 in reply to Italy300618

Hey hun, thank you for your reply. Thank you, I’m still trying to keep my hopes up... I really thought this is it... had so many symptoms... lower back pain, boobs were sore until today, hot flushes, I felt this pulling feelings in my belly too.... couldn’t really lay on my back cause it was quite uncomfortable, had to have my legs up... had all the symptoms that af is coming and now again have none of that either... I always reminded myself that all these can be from the progesterone.... it might just be that... 😞😞

Thank you for the hugs, sending hugs to you too. I keep my fingers crossed for you on Thursday and don’t test early... 😘 xx

Italy300618 in reply to Raluca88

It's so so annoying isnt it that early pregnancy symptoms are similar to AF symptoms and also the side effects of the progesterone🤯😤. The 2ww is just so cruel. And the 2nd week is so much harder isnt it. Definitely hold onto to the hope lovely, I will too for you!! Good luck xx

Unfortunately the progesterone should delay any bleeding especially if you are on a high dose. Sorry to hear you've had a BFN so far, hugs.😔xxx

Raluca88 in reply to Cinderella5

It seems like it... 😞😞 im still holding onto the little hope I’ve got left...

I hope you are able to start soon? Xx

Cinderella5 in reply to Raluca88

Well it's not over till it's over honey! Thank you. I'm hoping to be starting soon after a recent false start but hoping to get going in a wk or so!xx

Hi..I had a failed FET two weeks ago. I tested on OTD 10dp5dt BFN and 13dpdt and BFN. I was taking progesterone injections tablets and pessaries. My AF only came once I stopped taking all yes it does delay AF. My advice is to just wait till test day and see. I tested early on my first transfer and ended up with bad anxiety. I’ve learnt my lesson since then. Good luck🙂xx

Italy300618 in reply to Natty80

I'm so sorry about your failed FET, its devastating, how are you doing? Hope you've been kind to yourself. Do you mind me asking in your 2ww even though you didnt bleed did you get any AF symptoms, aches and pains etc? Xx

Natty80 in reply to Italy300618

Hi..I’m doing ok now thanks..I was down for a couple of days but feeling ok now..I started planning my next step straightaway and that made me feel better. I had no symptoms apart from day 10p5dt..I had cramps from around 2 in the afternoon till 7 at night then nothing after that I thought this might be AF but that didn’t come. It was only after I stopped the medication that AF came 2 days later after OTD. Wishing you all the best.. this journey is so tough xx

Italy300618 in reply to Natty80

Glad you're feeling ok, always feels better to be planning the next steps doesn't it. Good luck with your onward journey and thanks for your reply. It is so tough! Xx

Raluca88 in reply to Natty80

I’m sorry about your failed FET.... it’s never getting any easier, if anything it’s just harder every time... are you going for it again soon or haven’t really planned on that yet? I know I shouldn’t have tested early but was sooooo excited... I hoped that I’ll get a positive so we can spend a nice day with my hubby before the week starting... well it turned out to be the other way around... 😞😞 good luck to you too hun and thank you xxxx

Natty80 in reply to Raluca88

I’ve got a follow up on the 3rd Aug so will take it from there..I’ve no embryos left so will have to start from scratch. Don’t give up hope just yet..I’ve heard of ladies on here getting late positives so it could happen to you. Good luck xx

Hi Raluca, I was thinking of asking the same question earlier this week and echo the responses - especially how unfair the symptoms of early pregnancy match the pessaries and normal period feelings!

Not sure if my experience will help but

I'm 12dp5dt and started bleeding lightly on day 10- Friday with normal period feelings. Did a test as I was finding the not knowing too hard and also got a BFN 😢 Today it's like normal period day 1 so think the pessaries delayed my period for 4 days but its eventually broken through.

Otd tomorrow.

Really hope that by the test date that result will be different for you and sending hugs if not xx

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