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2pd2dt, first time on 2ww + food checklist upload

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For the ones who read my last post, after the Doc decided to stop stimms two weeks ago due to my poor response, we thought it was it for this cycle and instead two follicles grew naturally and we extract them. One fertilized and it was transferred on Saturday :) Since it's the only one embryo the Doc opted for a day 2 transfer - "let's put him back where he belongs asap!"

So I'm in the famous 2ww now. I can't believe it. We're very surprised by this outcome. Having low amh (0.4), I was not responding to meds both last year and two weeks ago so chances are generally very low (7-8%) + last November fertilization didn't happen with ICSI.

Anyway...we're trying to not over dream too much, we know there's still a looong steep road ahead. The implant is very tricky. But even if the embie won't attach this time, we now have at least more info about our situation for future attempts. One step at the time...!

I'm on home rest for 2 weeks, hubby works daytime and then he turns into a desperate housewife once back home, bless him!

I'm sharing here a food checklist the clinic gave us, hope you find it useful!

A big hug ladies xx

13 Replies
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That’s great news 👍 Thank you for sharing the list too. Fingers crossed for you xxx

Oh wow. That's fantastic. This little one really wants to come this time. Fingers crossed. And thanks for sharing your checklist xx

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Best of luck with your tww and thanks for sharing x

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Good luck and thank you for the list! X

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Best of luck for your 2ww, keep us posted! And thanks for the list! Xxx

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Wishing you loads of luck, fingers crossed for you!xx

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This is amazing news! I know what a struggle very low amh is. Congrats thus far and thank you for sharing. Fingers crossed for everything next xxc

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gattonero in reply to magda22

thanks Magda! how are you doing? are you preparing for your next freezing cycle?

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yes I am - gulp! Should be starting in next 10 days or so...Really hope all is going well with you! xx

Good luck with the 2ww!

Of course you’ll want to follow your clinic’s advice but the UK guidance regarding food in pregnancy is slightly different to the above re eggs and some cold meats eg ham/turkey ham.


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Thanks for sharing the NHS link, it’s very useful! I forgot to mention that the ones I posted are US guidelines :)

Good luck with your wait. I think I might be looking at a two day transfer too as we’ve only got two. That list is really helpful x

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ohhh, good luck!! let me know how it goes xx

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