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So upset, there were no eggs!!


So we have had a really bad day, we had no eggs whatsoever this morning as all the follicles were empty, I’m still feeling a bit numb and shell shocked to be honest, the clinic were amazing but they were really surprised and disappointed by the result. They have said we can start another cycle in December but my heads a bit up my backside at the moment and I’m in quite a bit of pain from EC so have spent a lot of the afternoon asleep. Just have to work my way through it and go again! I know this can happen and I know next time they can change the protocol/drugs etc, but it just feels like the last month of pumping myself full of hormones has been for nothing 😢😢😢

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Oh I am so sorry. You must feel so disheartened. You’re right about the protocol but I don’t expect that’s really helping you feel better at the moment. Take the time to feel your disappointment and to nurture yourself back after the horrid drugs. I really hope next time is successful for you. So sorry this time has ended this way. xxx

I’m so sorry to read this and wish I had some words of advice for you. I totally understand how disappointed you must be feeling though, hope you’re able to rest up these next few days and begin to mentally process everything xx

Oh I'm so sorry to hear this. Get plenty of rest the next couple of days. Big hugs to you xx

I'm so so sorry to read this.

It's heart breaking.

The only thing I can say really is that there have probably been lessons learned by the clinic.

I know it feels like a waste but it's not, you really tried.

Thinking of you. Xx

I’m so sorry to read this xx

Oh I’m so sorry :(


I’m so sorry that this has happened. I hope the clinic can give you some answers to why this has happened and can put the right protocol together for you. I hope you can take some time to rest, process things and then you can prepare for your next consultation. Thinking of u xx

I’m so very sorry

I’m so sorry xx

Really sorry to hear this. Heartbreaking for you.

Take some time out, relax and take your mind off it all for a short while.

Take care xxx

Really sorry to hear this. I know it doesn't help but I know how you feel. We got no eggs after our first egg collection and it is truly gutting. Give yourself time to feel down and it will get better. Then try and spend the next few months getting yourself ready for round 2. After a change of drugs I got 5 eggs on my 2nd egg collection and that's with a very low AMH so don't give up hope yet. Take care and best of luck with your next cycle xx

Jonesjp in reply to Blue_penguin

Thank you hunny this gives me some hope, I would be lost without this forum, there’s always so much support and helpful advice like yours, I really appreciate it and hope your doing well wherever you are on your journey now x x

Hello, I’ve just had my first scan and only have one folicle. Reading this has given me hope. Thank you and good luck

sorry to hear that

Oh no I'm so sorry this has happened for you! So devastating. Hope you're resting up, big hugs!xx

Oh hun im so very sorry 😓 look after yourself and rest up and im sure your next round will be better xxx

I got 5 eggs from 7 follicles (3 fertilised and 2 put back) on my first cycle on Gonal F. Then 1 immature egg from 10 follicles the second on Menopur after taking every vitamin you can name in the It’s all about the egg book. I asked if Menopur didn’t work for me and the consultant said both contain FSH so that’s not likely to be a factor. She said that there is cycle to cycle variation, esp for someone with low ovarian reserve. There is a risk i’ll Get nothing again...or I may get similar results to round 1 if we try again. I want to give it another go, even though they said they don’t recommend it because the yield is likely to be low for the financial commitment you’re making. It’s an all-consuming thing. It’s hard not to let the rest of life being sucked out of you. Don’t get disheartened tho xx

Jonesjp in reply to TinklyWinky

Oh hunny I’m sorry to hear that your also having a hard time with it. I know that we know that this can happen but it still knocks you sideways when it does, I was on 450 if Menopur for 2 weeks and just nothing! I also wonder if the long protocol shut down my ovaries too much, but I trust the clinic to change it as they want to next time and just see what happens, it’s just a bit soul destroying when you put so much of yourself into it! Wishing you lots of luck for your next round hunny x x

Thank you ladies for all your support it means an awful lot and really helps. I’ve come back into work today with a good stash of painkillers as I just need to keep my head busy and sadly to save my holidays for the next round. I think it’s time to book s little break away ♥️ x x x

WaywardGirl in reply to Jonesjp

A break sounds like a good idea - spend some time looking after yourself and not being a slave to injections. I hope everything goes better next time round - as others have said, adjustments can be made to your medication.

Only just seen this. So sorry. I can’t imagine how devastated you must be feeling. Hopefully the change in protocol will make a huge difference. A trip away sounds ideal, come back refreshed to go again 💪🏻You can do this xoxo

I am so sry to read this, if this is your first cycle though they will use it as a massive learning curve, I know that's not nice to hear atm but my first cycle I got a low number and they changed about the protocol for my 2nd cycle and got better results. Just take time to urself now and treat urself, it's a horrible mentally draining process xx

I’m so sorry to hear this lovely xx

Oh no! This is awful news for you. *gentle hugs*

This is just terrible news, no wonder you don’t know what way to turn next. I’m hope that you are feeling a bit more comfortable today and December will be here before you know it. Sending hugs xx

I know how very disappointed you are feeling right now after all the time and effort you gave to your cycle. You are quite right, your protocol and meds can be altered for your next cycle and hopefully you’ll have a much better result. On my first round of IVF I only had one egg and I was gutted. Granted I have very low AMH but with adjustments made I had five eggs the second round. Don’t lose hope, give yourself time to come to terms with this failed cycle and very best of luck for the coming months as you get ready to try again xx

So sorry to read this. 😔

So sorry to hear this. What hard news to take for you. You sound so positive though-amazing!! Get some rest and have some time to yourself xx


I know this post was so long ago another girl had sent me this link as I have just had an egg collection and no eggs. I also had such severe pain after EC and was in agony for about 10 days.

I hope you don’t mind me messaging - I’m just tying to see if there’s anything different they should be doing? Have you had further cycles with eggs?

Thank you xo

Jonesjp in reply to Jozie19

Hi hunny I’ve sent you a DM 😘 x x

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