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Half way through 2ww, no symptoms 😳


Hi all, I can’t stop thinking that this round hasn’t worked because of the lack of symptoms. I know not everyone gets them and go on to having a bfp but why can’t I be positive?! It’s driving me a bit potty. I’ve got a bad headache through the stress and it’s not good for me. The only symptoms I have had is feeling like I’m about to have my af but not strong feelings, my nipples go hard sometimes which can be uncomfortable but not so much. I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m so sorry if I’m pissing anyone off with my rant 😢😢

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Not sure what to say really, how many days left till otd? Just try to relax and be kind to yourself..... otd will be here sooner than how it feels.... good luck xx

I’m testing next Monday, it can’t come quick enough x

Ahhh bless you... i hope its your bfp xx

Thank you luv xx


Hi Crazymrsrees79. Oh dear! Yes, it's such a stressful time the 2WW. medically speaking there are no real reasons to feel any symptoms just yet. Lots of women get side effects from the progesterone pessaries such as headaches and feeling tat AF is about to start and sore boobs. I'm pleased to see that you are going to stick it out and test on the day your clinic has recommended. Keeping everything crossed fr you. Dane

Thank you Diane xx

Hi, I’m waiting for a call back from my clinic as I’ve been bleeding since Saturday evening, it’s just like my period. Sore boobs have disappeared too so am pretty sure it’s not worked 🙄

My fingers are tightly crossed for you x

Awwww luv, it’s so hard. I really feel for you right now 😢😢. I still got hope for you also and this will pass. Let me know how you get on xx

Will do, thanks. I just want to know, then I can open the bottle of prosecco that’s currently chilling in anticipation 🤣

She thinks it’s probably my period but need to continue with the pessaries and test on Wednesday as planned. I just have this feeling that it’s over, no sore boobs anymore, that disappeared when bleed started. That’s not just coincidence! Hubby said I can have he prosecco anyway...would you?

Ooooh it would be tempting to have a glass luv. But that’s down to you xx

Hey! Just wanted to say I spent 2 years looking for symptoms and my ivf cycle was no different but when I got my bfp I have none at all until I was 6/7 weeks pregnant. I even had some red bleeding so was sure I am out. I found doing some fertility visualisations helped me stay positive (YouTube/Spotify) and just to concentrate on healthy eating etc and distracting with box sets! Keeping everything crossed for you the wait is so hard but please be reassured not feeling anything now does not mean it’s not going to be positive xxx


I was honestly 100% convinced my IVF cycle hadn't worked. I even posted about my husband being unreasonable about the timing of my next cycle a few days before my test date. I thought my period would show up as I felt exactly the same as I do before my period arrives. Fingers crossed its going to be the same for you. I literally couldn't believe it when my pregnancy test was positive. Good luck 😘 xx

A lady posted yesterday that she’d had her twin boys but I remember her posting in her tww that she’d had no symptoms, no cramping or sore boobs, nothing. You’re not out yet. Keep strong until otd xx

I didn’t have no symptoms and I thought it was going to be a bfn, even tested a couple of days early (naughty 🙈) and I received a bfp so try and stay positive, hope this week goes quick for you 😀 xx

Thank you so much ladies, you’ve put my mind at rest 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘 xx

Hoping test day comes soon and obviously hoping for BFP but there's really nothing more you can do til then try to help the time go quicker by doing some nice things with friends and family if possible xx

See all will work out 🙂 you got this! Remember that! Xx

All of you ladies are angels, I really don’t know where I’d be without you all. Much luv 😘😘😘😘😘😘 xx

Hey crazymrsrees, im at the same point as you and I have no symptoms yet either so maybe no news is good news? Good luck for OTD xxx

It’s so stressful isn’t it. When are you testing? xx

Yes very stressful, I might test wed/Thursday if not Friday as I’m off work Friday. OTD is Sunday but that’s Father’s Day 😱 xx

Ah now that would be the best thing ever to test on Father’s Day and get a bfp, oh my 🤗🤗🤗 xx

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