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Missing periods, 4 negative hpts = going mad


My first post but not sure where to turn.

I’m in my mid 30s and keen to start a family with my oh. We’ve just been using condoms but in May decided to forgo them altogether and see what happened!!

My last period was in June, 10 weeks ago now. But I’ve had 4 hpt and all bfn. (That’s the lingo right??) though in the last 2 months I’ve experienced spotting when my period should have been due - Brown discharge only on wiping for a few days and never had that before, tender breasts and seemingly constantly erect nippples, occasionally nauseous feelings, occasionally super light cramping (nothing like my periods), and constant constipation.

I went to the docs 2-3 weeks after first missed period and 1 neg hpt, he said with spotting it wasn’t a good sign and neg test, probably not good news.

But now two missed periods... it’s really unusual for me. Late yes, but totally awol.. no!

I was diagnosed with PCOS in my late teens and in the last few months have seen my weight creep up depressingly. I can only think nature is playing a cruel joke, just as we were starting to try.

But a small part of me is so aware of these changes to my body... am I just making myself have pseudo symptoms??

I’ve got another docs appt in a couple of weeks (nightmare to get an appointment) but in the meantime I’m starting to get really quite down about it all. I don’t think i can face any more negative results and absent period.

Has anyone else experienced similar? Any advice? I’ve trawled through so many posts and can’t seem to make any more sense of my circumstances.

Your advice or help would really help me through.

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Hi 👋🏻 There’s a lovely lady admin on here called Diane Arnold. Drop her a line and she may be able to help xx

Hi there, I have mild PCOS I think but thankfully my periods are fairly regular. If you’ve already been diagnosed with PCOS then, whilst it may not feel like it at the moment, it is a big step forward already. It does sound like an awful trick of nature that just as you start to try your periods go awol. I would push your GP for blood tests to find out whether or not you’re ovulating. Some ladies with PCOS ovulate regularly and others don’t. If you’re not ovulating then they should speed you your referral to see a specialist where they can give you medication to make you ovulate and see if that helps. In the meantime there are some good books out there about ttc with PCOS that might help you and also talk about what sort of diet can help control weight with PCOS (in a nutshell a low GI diet). Good luck and I hope AF shows up soon and starts being more regular again!

So sorry to hear of your troubles. I know you were not on the pill, but when I came off it, I had a lot of pregnancy related symptoms and I was convinced I was pregnant but it was due to a change in hormone levels. You are doing the right thing by seeing your GP. A few blood tests should determine hormone levels etc and should put you in the right direction to a resolution. I have seen a lot of success stories from women with PCOS on this group so there is a lot of hope for you. Chin up and remember everyone here is having some sort of difficulty so keep in touch and sending you positive thoughts x


I didn't experience missed periods - but once we started TTC I was obsessed with symptoms....and know I probably never noticed these when we were not trying.

I got a fertility app Flo on my phone and kept track...

Have you started taking lots of vitamin supplements? Some of the supplements I took in the early days threw my period off....


Healthunknown in reply to Hidden

I did start taking some fertility supplements some months ago now... hmmm I had thought they should be regulating things, hadn’t thought they may do the opposite!

Keeping track on my Clue app is helpful and not so helpful, everyday I’m now checking how long it has been. But at least when I go to the doctor again I can be really specific about what has been going on.

Thanks for all your thoughts. I’ll keep you updated as and when Any news. X

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Sorry for not being much help! Yes the doctor is your best bet. And know what you are saying about the apps - they can increase your stress. Esp when I was a few days late I knew it for sure and had stress thinking am I pregnant etc. Before I wouldn't have known the exact day my period was due so wouldn't have been so stressed.

Best of Luck!


I would ask the dr to do a blood test to check your hormone levels just to see where they are at. I have PCOS but I don’t seem to have periods on my own anymore and have to take tablets to bring them on and then another to make me ovulate so there are solutions out there if your period decides to stay AWOL.

I don’t use apps really other than to keep track of periods as they stress me out, so I don’t log symptoms. I also don’t use ovulation strips as I have been told they are unreliable for people with PCOS.

Have you had your insulin levels checked as well? As this can affect things I believe.

There’s a PCOS forum on health unlocked so you could ask you’re question there and see if anyone there can help. X

I’m definitely going to ask about my hormone levels and check about ovulation tests. Thankfully in some ways... my flow appeared today. After 76 days!! So at least I know I haven’t completely shut down shop and something still works. Haven’t missed those cramps though. And to kick in the day of a flight... just to make the cattle truck all the more exciting.

I am relieved. But I still need to discuss it with docs because it just isn’t normal for me to have such a long gap, and wanting to try for a baby, I hope to have every chance I can, but without periods it’s especially tricky.


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