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Mini update - EC booked for Monday :)

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So I'm on day 8 of Gonal F and 4 of Cetrotide and had my second tracking scan this morning (first round of ICSI).

I've got 27 follicles on the way to maturity (I think the largest was at 14mm) so they've confirmed that my egg collection will be on Monday. I'll be in for another scan on Friday to check they've made enough progress and for a blood test to check for signs of OHSS. I'm thinking I'll be feeling very full by the weekend, I'm only 5"1! :)

Just need hubby's little guys to make an appearance on Monday and fingers crossed there'll be enough and of good motility!

Best wishes to you all, whatever stage you're at on your journey. I know this round may not end the way we want it to but I'm trying the positivity tack so bear with me if I sound naive :) xXx

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Grow follies grow!! All the best for EC.x

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Busybee88 in reply to KeeKee21

Thank you! Just seen your post, so all the best for your embies! x

Brilliant news!! If they are already tracking at 14mm now on day 8 that brilliant!! My partners mobility is really bad, we got 17 eggs 15 were injected and 10 have fertilised so I have every faith you will be fine 👍🍀🤞 keeping everything crossed for you xxx

That's fantastic! Go embies!

Thank you and wishing you all the best xXx

Thank you, just need them to start splitting into the correct amount of cells, I look forward to your updates xxx

Hi Busybee88. Just wishing you well with the scan tomorrow and that your follies are behaving as they should. Busy few days ahead - thinking of you! Diane

Thank you very much, that's very kind.

oh no! so not even think that this cannot end with BFP! believe in it with all of your heart!! I see that you are definitely in positive mood but that's not enough haha

I am joking of course but do not even think about not getting positive! I am wishing you luck hun

I am sitting here waiting for the positives from my surrogate and other updates

Thank you :) I am cautiously optimistic haha. I'll work on it!

Exciting times for you also! I wish you all the best and hope you get the positive news you need too! x

Thank you all for the best wishes and encouragement.

Had my final tracking scan and it looks like my follies have been a bit too enthusiastic and I have 26 that are looking to be matured by Monday.

They are concerned that there are so many, combined with my age, that there is some fluid around both ovaries and that I'm feeling a bit bloated so they are doing a blood test today to check my oestrogen levels.

Will hear this afternoon whether we're ok to proceed to ET or whether we'll be freezing all. EC will go ahead on Monday either way.

Lots of love to all and I'll let you know whether it'll be ET or a ski holiday! x

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