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Frustration Rant


So as some of you know my OH and I are on the waiting list for donor sperm and are due to reach the top of the list in Oct.

Its been a journey and hopefully soon we will get a beautiful baby.

My frustation is this:

I walked into work this morning and a girl i work with was like guess what i'm pregnant! Normally this wouldn't bother me but shes only known the guy for 5 months and they've been trying for two. a) shes only 4 weeks so why is she bragging about it and b) how do you truly know someone after 5 months to plan for a child. c) she already has a 5 year old to another guy and just seems desperate to have a baby with anyone.

It just made me angry when she told me this morning because she was bragging (even though shes only 4 weeks) and shes apparently already told our boss. Which annoyed me more because i had finally worked up the courage to tell my boss about our ivf and how i will need time off for IUI but now i feel a bit meh about doing it tomorrow.

UGh feeling deflated!

EDIT: 2 days later! Same girl has got a large bunch of baby clothes, blankets and even a sleeping bag delivered to work!! You are only 4 weeks, seriously!!!

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That sounds like a really tough blow this morning. Not trying to sound patronising as I mean this sincerely but well done on venting to the forums, I probably would have just gone into a negative anxiety spiral.

Hopefully you can do something to treat yourself after work x

Ajplus1 in reply to LegoBatgirl

Thank you x

For goodness sake, people like this really pee me Im sure they do most of us on here!! I would personally love to punch her in the face on your behalf! Ha ha ha No seriously, try not to let her get you down. You guys are so close to at least having a go now. Telling your boss will be another positive step in the right direction so look try to look at it that way! Big hugs, know how hard it can be to get this blow at work!xx

I was ready to do something like that this morning, It was a horrible start to my morning.

Yeah I agree, I've been stressing about telling my boss so hopefully it will be a big weight of my shoulders! It's another tick or step on our journey. Xx

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